Can Wood Filler Hold A Screw: What Are Other Options?

The screw is an essential fastener in the wood-making process. For making furniture, many tools are needed like screws, drills, wood glue, and many more. Wood filler is one of them. Experts perfect wood filler for extra surface, grips, and strength. So let’s look closely at the question: Can wood filler hold a screw?

Screwing into wood is also a wood-making process. It gives an extra surface to the screw. But it is not good as always. Based on filler quality, screwing into filler can be a good and bad option. So learning the right methods, types, and processes is needed to complete work properly.

Getting To Know About Wood Filler

Wood filler is a cream-based product that is made for furniture work. It is the most popular item for woodworkers. Wood filler is made of wood byproducts like sawdust or wood dust suspended in water or petroleum-based medium. It can soak into wood fibers and bond with them. 

Wood filler has some solid power like it hardens as it cures, is sandable, and is sustainable. Those filters tend to stain better, and filler contains real wood mixing. It is usually made for filling nicks and gouges in unfinished furniture. It also works as wood glue and gives you an extra surface in stripped screw holes.

How Many Wood Fillers You Could Find?

Wood filler is essential for furniture making. There are various types of filler available in the market. Each filer has a different feature.

Multipurpose wood fillers

Multipurpose wood filler means it provides several types of benefits. As we all know that filler uses as wood glue, repair formula, nails, screws, etc. Multipurpose filters contain this type of utility. It easily fills holes and quickly dries. In addition, it gives you a waterproof finish that won’t crack or shrink.  

Two-part epoxy wood fillers

Two-part epoxy fillers are incredibly versatile and have many advantages over regular fillers. It comes with a hardener and is used for strong repair on wood. It requires you to mix two or more substances before it is applied. It dries quicker than any regular filler. It gives a better finish and can be sanded to zero.  

Exterior wood fillers

Exterior wood filler is usually made for outdoor furniture. For being outdoors, this filler has to be a highly waterproof formula. Unfortunately, there are few fillers available for exterior furniture. It is used to repair garden furniture, window frames, wood decks, and many outdoor items. This filler comes in many colors, from white to black.

Simple wood filler

Wood fillers made by oneself are called simple wood fillers. People make their filler for low cost, simple repair, using wastage. It is one kind of DIY hack for workers. But unfortunately, making wood filler is too easy. Wood glue and wood sand are materials for that. But it is not for high project work. 

Drawbacks of Putting Screw-on Wood Filler

Well, wood fillers are not a compulsory product. Thus, it is a side product or a second choice. Many wood filler companies claim that their product can support weight and hold screws. Yes, it can, but not as good as a natural process. 

Fillers generally dry into a hard surface that can be nailed and screwed into. But it can’t hold larger or heavier screws. Also, it cannot work better than natural wood. So using filler can reduce the strength of wood. The fillers cannot hold the screw for too long, depending on the quality. Thus it can be loosened up over time. So using wood filler to support screws would be a bad decision.  

What If You Stripped A Screw Hole In Wood Filler

Stripped or torn-off wood is a normal accident in furniture making. It happens for many reasons like putting in overpressure, tightening up too much, using old screws, and many more. In this case, wood filler is the perfect solution. It gives a hard surface inside the crack area.

First, remove the screw from the stripped hole. Next, fill the hole with wood filler. Let dry it out. It will take at least 1 hour. After that, sand it with sandpaper. Sanding can give you a smooth outer finish. Then screw into it. Make sure to insert it with extra care because this hole is already weak.

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Can Wood Filler Hold A Screw? List of Wood Fillers Good for Screw

Yes, it can hold a screw, but you should use the right one. There are several kinds of wood filler. However, each filler is different in quality, strength, and purpose. There are some good wood fillers for screws.   

Two-part epoxy wood filler

This two-part epoxy is formulated to hold the screw in place. It is made of resin and some solid hardener. It helps to make a hard filler. This filter requires an undercoat and a second coating before applying it to make a stronger base.

After drying into the hole, it remains very stable for a long time. Its hard surface can resist damage, cracking, or other problems. So there is no shrinkage or cracking. After applying, it will stay in the wood without any issues. That means it is also able to hold screws greatly. 

Multipurpose wood filler

Multipurpose wood fillers are quick-drying fillers. It is easy to fill, provides a waterproof finish, and resists creaking. Moreover, it is flexible in wood rather than dry too hard. So it is suitable to protect from weather damage. Thus it gives enough strength to repair holes and joint wood boards. 

Sometimes repairing with wood filler causes damage. It won’t last long. Screwing into wood filler is not always a good solution. Shrinking and losing up causes problems later. Multipurpose wood filler is the best solution in this case. It sits well with screws and holds perfectly. 

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Exterior wood filler

Exterior wood filler is famous for its water-resistant formula to protect from weather damage like rain, high temperature, and moisture change; the exterior filler is the best option. However, it is strong enough to suffer earthquakes, storms, and many disasters. 

So it is also suitable for screws. If your screw holes are torn off or stripped, this filler can help you a lot. It will give you a strong and waterproof finish. The screw will sit well in this. It won’t shrink or lose, so it will not cause a problem later. 

Brands of Wood Filler To Choose

There are many wood fillers available in markets and shops. Various companies are available to make the filler. There are some names of the best wood fillers in the market.

Abatron Wood Epoxy Replacement Compound

This wood epoxy is a shrink-free epoxy filler and bonds permanently. It is a lightweight base formula. Resist all kinds of problems like heat, water, and weather. It helps to repair, fill, and replace missing areas. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Wood filler can be used in any kind of wood.  

J-B Weld Wood Epoxy Adhesive

J_B weld wood epoxy is a two-part and multipurpose epoxy filler. It provides a long-lasting and strong bond on the wood surface. It is perfect for DIY wood repair. It has two easy mix ratios of 1:1. After mixing two parts, it takes 6 minutes to set. To cure, 1-3 hours need. 

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Steps on Applying The Wood Filler To Hold Screw

We can apply wood filler in various ways. These ways can make your work easier and more profitable.

Prepare the Surface

Before applying wood filler, preparing the surface is necessary. To prepare the surface, do the sanding by sanding paper because fillers remove paint and make stains around the hole. After sanding, take a clean cloth to remove dust. Now your surface is ready to use wood filler perfectly.  

Apply the Wood Filler

First, mix or prepare the wood filler perfectly. After that, take a putty knife to carry the mixture. Then start the application process in that area. Fill in the hole. It is better to apply more than needed. Because filler shrinks while it is drying. After drying, sand it again to remove the extra filler.     

Let it Dry Out

After all the process, it is time to let it dry. The filler will take 23-30 minutes to 2-3 hours to dry out completely. This time will depend on the weather temperature. Rest the area at least for one day to harden completely. 

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Let’s have a sneak peek into the common questions. 

Is Wood Filler Good For Painting?

Yes, but not all. Wood fillers do not make to paint over. The paint will not sit perfectly on it. But some custom fillers are used for painting. Water-based fillers are suitable for this situation. Exterior wood filler will be great for it. Choose the perfect filler before painting.   

Does Ronseal Wood Filler Hold Screws?

Yes, and perfectly. Ronseal Wood filler is a multipurpose wood filler. It won’t crack or shrink easily. Thus it dries out quickly, is hard enough, and is water-resistant. So hardness is the key to holding the screw perfectly.  

How To Find Good Wood Fillers For Screws?

A wood filler should have some good features.

  • It should be hard enough
  • Waterproof
  • It has to be weather-resistant. 
  • Will be durable
  • It sits perfectly in the hole
  • Will not shrink
  • Will not crack also


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We have given the type of filler. After reading this article, you will know about many wood filler types and which filler you need for your project. There are also some brand names. Find a product that is beneficial for you.

We also advise screwing into the filler, using steps, and fixing stripped holes. Read perfectly to learn all the information.

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