Deck Screws Vs Wood Screws: Side By Side Comparison

Screws are the common term for woodworkers. To work with wood, we need to know about many tools. These tools can be fasteners, fillers, adhesives, machinery, and many other things. Fasteners are the most important tools among them. Today, let’s compare deck screws vs wood screws side by side.

The screw is the most common fastener. Deck screws and wood screws are the most famous screws. So these two screws always come in comparison. To work with them, we need to know about their features, types and differences, and many more. They are different in both structural and material ways. Thus they work for different jobs and places or areas. We need to learn about them 

Definition of Screws

The screw is a fastener that is made from metal. The definition of a screw is a metal fastener with the feature of a shaft, pitch sharp tip, and threaded surface to penetrate. The work of screws is to join two or several different parts. There are thousands of classifications and types of screws. Examples are drywall screws, metal screws, wood screws, deck screws, and many more. 

Deck Screws

Deck screws are threaded fasteners that are specially designed for the deck. The features of the deck screw are a square drive, tapered head, and partial thread. It is made of corrosion-resistant materials such as copper or hardened steel. The partial thread makes the screw more suitable for joining deck parts. 

Wood Screws

Wood screws are considered almost regular screws. A wood screw is a threaded fastener that works to join wooden parts. Wooden screws are not usually made from wood. Thus it is made from several types of thick and softer metal. metals. This screw is specially made for joining only wooden parts

Differences Between Deck Screws Vs Wood Screws

Deck screws are wood screws and are two different types of screws. Thus they work for similar purposes but they have differences in features. From head to tip they have different structures. So the cost will also depend on their quality and utility. 

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Screw Head

The deck screw and wood screw both have similarly flattened and countersunk heads. But the deck screw has a larger surface area that increases load-bearing capacity. The deck screw also has a shaped head that the wood screw doesn’t have. The bugle-shaped head helps the screw to prevent it from sinking into the material.


The deck screw has unique threaded shanks that increase durability. The durability helps to survive in outdoors and wet areas or places. The feature has an aggressive point and sharp thread helps the screw to hold into the material. But unfortunately, the wood screw didn’t even have a fully threaded shank. 


The deck screw has snap and comparatively deep threading. The threading easily cuts into any item or material. It gives more security joints. On the other hand, wooden screws are also threaded but not as sharp and tapered as deck screws. It can hamper their long-term efficiency. 

Construction Material

Deck screws and wood screws are far different in construction materials. Deck screw is usually made from corrosion-resistant material such as copper and hardened steel or stainless steel. These things increase the durability of screws. On the other hand, wooden screws are made from soft steel. Which is suitable for indoor weather. 


Both screws have different price ranges. The price range depends on the quality, materials, and sizes. But usually, deck screws can be a little bit more costly than wooden screws. However, the price range can differ from brand to brand. The common price range is 

Deck screw = $0.9 to $0.11 

Wood screw = $0.8 to $0.18

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Which Screw is the Best?

As we know, both deck screws and wood screws are very different. But we can’t declare which screw is the best or worst screw. Both screws are designed for different materials, weather, and work.

The deck screw is specially designed for the deck board. It has a high capacity to bear more loads. Thus it can bear any weather and humidity changes. These features make deck screws more suitable for outdoor use. On the other hand, wood screws are best for only wooden work. It has a less load-bearing capacity which makes the screws more suitable for lightweight boards. It also affects weather change and humidity so it is most suitable for indoor use. 

The upside of Using Deck Screw

Deck screws have many advantages over other screws. Deck screws reduce the risk of splitting, cracking, or breakage. It can bear any weather changes or humidity. It is also strong enough to bear high loads. So it can be easily used in outdoor furniture. It also gives a secure joint.  

The Deck Screw Has Sharper Threading

A deck screw has very sharp threads. The sharpness of the thread helps to screw more easily. It separates or cuts the wood fiber faster. A sharp thread increases the ability to stay in place for a long time. Thus, it also gives a secure joint. 

It Doesn’t Get Corrosion

Corrosion means decay over time. Many screws just destroy or get rusted over time. The deck screw is specially made with corrosion-resistant material such as copper steel. It prevents the screw from rusting. It means it will last longer. 

The upside of Using Wood Screw

Wood screws also have great utilization. It is a suitable screw for indoor furniture. It also gives you a higher grip on your work. Also, they are highly detachable. It is stronger than many other fasteners. The usage of this is also very easy. Thus it is also the best fastener.

Has Higher Grip

Wood screws are the best fastener when grip strength is needed. A wood screw has a more tensile strength which means it can resist pressure. It makes the screw more suitable for high-tension areas like the porch and kitchen cabinet. Although, it prevents any kind of future problems.

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Easily Removable

One of the most advantages of wood screws is detachable. They have an easy removal process. Screws can be removed for such situations as fixing or changing. The threads of the wood screw are not that sharp, which helps the screw to come off easily. The removal process can be done with a drilling machine or screwdriver. 

Affordable To Use

Wood screws are more affordable than any other screws. The price of screws depends on quality and size. The price of wood screws comes in less expensive than other screws. Thus, it is available in every market and corner. Which cut the cost of delivery and transfer.

Simple Usage

The usage of wood screws is very simple. It is made for woodworking projects. It has sharp tips that penetrate too easily. It means it needs less arrangement while screwing. It doesn’t need any pricing and pilot holes. It also works fast compared to deck screws and nails


Which Screw Is More Popular?

Wood screws are more popular. First of all, it is made of woodwork. So any type of normal woodwork is suitable for it. Also, it comes at an affordable price. So people easily choose wood screws over others. It is also easy to use, it doesn’t need extra arrangements for screwing.

Which Screw is Affordable?

Deck screws are more affordable. As we know, deck screws come in various shapes, sizes, and qualities. The price range is different for different types. It also changes for brands and areas or places. Thus, deck screws come at a lower price than wooden screws. 

Which Screw Should I Use Outdoors?

Deck screw is the best option for outdoor furniture and designs or interiors. The deck screw is made from corrosion-resistant materials. It helps the screw to avoid any weather changes or humidity. Thus, it also survives in wet places. These features make the screw more suitable to stay outdoors. 

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Thanks for staying in. We have given you all the information about deck screws vs wood screws. Each of the pieces of information comes from authentic sources. Hence, this article was all about the comparison of deck screws and wood screws. We have also gone through definitions, features, materials, and many more of screws, deck screws, and wood screws.

Be sure to understand the core differences in the functions of both of them. To be specific, they have differences in thread, shank, materials, and pricing. In fact, getting into which screw is suitable for which types of work is crucial as well. But in the end, wood screws tend to be more famous. 

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