How Long Will A Cord Of Wood Last in Freezing Winter

Answering how long will a cord of wood lasts might seem tricky. But let’s find it out right now. Perhaps, wood is an essential thing for all of our lives. From furniture to firewood, we need wood almost every day. Firewood is a must-have product, especially in winter. We all use firewood for heating our house, for a stove or water heater.

The wood cord is the name of the wood measurement. People use this term to know the amount of wood easily. Most shops sell wood as a cord. So we all should know about the cords, their type, amount, longevity, and many more. So let’s talk about the cord and its longevity. 

Learning More About Cord of Wood

Cord refers to the unit of dry volume which is used to measure the amount of firewood and pulpwood. The cord word is mainly added because of the use of a cord or string to measure it. A cord of wood must be 128 cubic feet. Also, the stack is 4 feet wide, 4 feet high, and 8 feet long. 

 There are lots of types of wood cords available in the market. Facecords and full cords are common. The cord sizes can differ a little bit in various countries. This measurement helps to buy firewood easily. There are two kinds of wood hardwood and softwood used in cords. People buy a cord to heat the house or use the stove and many other heating works.

Comparison: Full Cord vs. face Cord

As we know, there are lots of kinds of wood cords available in the market. But full cord and face cords are more famous than others. These cords are different in size. The volume of the full cord is 128 cubic feet. The measurement of the full cord is 8 feet long, 4 feet high, and 4 feet wide.

On the other hand, the face cord is high and wide but different in length. The face cord’s depth is 16 inches. Thus, the debts are not fixed all the time. So it can be 12-16 inches in different places. The face cord contains ⅓ of the amount of wood as a full cord. This cord is also called a rick cord.

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Definitive Answer: How Long Will A Cord Of Wood Last

There is not any fixed number that can tell how long a cord lasts. The amount of days depends on the amount of usage. Thus this also depends on many factors like outside temperature, the efficiency of the structure, the spice of wood, cord size and moisture content, and many more. 

But on average, a full cord can last 6-10 weeks. In some cases, half cord wood can last at least two months when heating in a small house. The days can increase if the temperature is high. The cords can be used for up to 6 months if there is a heater in the home. But the cord lasts less in winter. 

Cost of buying a Full Cord

There are lots of cords available in the market. Each cord comes at different prices. The full cord prices are also different in various places. The price of a full cord depends on the quality, wood types, moisture content, and many other things. The price can be both affordable and expensive.

The average price range of a full cord is around 150-500 dollars. As a full cord contains 600-800 pieces of wood, this price is fair. Thus, the price can be less if it is bought from wholesalers or different sellers. 

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How Can Someone Store Their Cord of Wood? 

As we know, wood is a sensitive thing. Wood reacts to weather, humidity, water, and many related things. It increases and decreases its moisture for the temperature. Any wet place can cause rotting. So it needs proper treatment to store. There are lots of ways available to store wood properly. 

Firewood is best to store outside. It can be covered with plastic sheets to avoid fog. Try to choose a location near to your house because it’s heavy to carry. Either cord can be stored in the garage. It is better to use a firewood rack to store because it’s important to keep the cord a few inches up from the ground. Make sure to a place that is dry and away from any fire. 

What Kind of Wood Serves As Best Firewood?

There is lots of wood available for firewood such as maple, oak, and cedar as well. Hardwood and softwood both are eligible to be firewood. But both work differently in different situations, weather, and areas. But hardwood works better than firewood. 

The names of hardwoods are maple, oak, birch, and some special fruit trees. These types of woods have a minimum amount of pitch and sap. Cleaning and maintaining hardwood is easier. But hardwood is a little bit more costly than softwood. Examples of softwood pine, balsam, cedar, and many more. These are the cheapest firewood. Softwoods burn too fast which causes the cord to finish too early. It’s a bit messy to clean and maintain softwood. 

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How To Improve the Longevity Of Firewood Cords?

By storing and using them correctly, you can improve the longevity of firewood cords. The longevity of cords is briefly affected by the way they are used and the way they are stored. Use any heater or stove to decrease the usage. Also, cords can be rotten or be unable to burn due to fog and wet weather. So store them correctly to get a long life.  

Is It A Good Option To Store the Cord Of Wood For Winter?

Yes, storing cords for winter is a good option. As we know, costs increase when the demand is high. So buying a cord in winter can be expensive. Also, newly fresh cords are not eligible to burn due to high moisture content. So the cord will get time to dry if it’s bought before winter. 

Which Burns Longer Hardwood Or Softwood?

Hardwood burns longer. Because hardwood is denser than softwood and produces more heat. Hickory woods are the densest among the list of hardwoods. On the other hand, softwood burns way too fast. It is less dense than hardwood. Also, it gives off lots of smoke. 


This article was all about how long will a cord of wood last. Know about the cord, its definition, history, types, and so on. We have given the full comparison of the face cord and full cord. Know how long a cordwood lasts according to your usage.

We have also given some excess information that is related to this article. It will help you to determine how long a cord of wood will last. Moreover, it’s a crucial aspect you should get familiar with. It will give you a real sense of your woodworking process altogether. 

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