How Many Screws Per Decking Board To Use: Definite Answer

The deck is a crucial part of our house and offices. We had to use them every day in our life. To create the deck we have to know about countless things. Just like its materials, screws play a key role in its longevity. Finding out how many screws per decking board is the toughest to find out. Let’s find it out in the following article.

The screw is one of the most famous fasteners for the deck. So every worker should know how to choose the right screws. To determine a perfect screw we need to know about screw size, types, and related things. There is also an important thing to know about the number of screws for the deck. 

Definitive Answer on Screws Per Decking Board

The deck is the outdoor exterior design of houses and offices. The deck can be made with any fastener such as nails or screws. There are many sizes of screws available in the market. But a deck needs screws according to its size, weight, and materials. 

A deck needs 350 screws for every 100 square feet of decking. It is suitable for 6” wide boards. The recommended number is generally 10-12 screws per board. Also, you can use 1 pack of the screw in 10 lengths of decking. However, it depends on the weight and materials. The number can be changed in some situations. 

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Alternative Options for Using Screws on Decking

There are many types of fasteners available for wood. Nails and screws are the most common fasteners that are used in decks. As we know, a deck is an exterior design. It stays outdoors. So the fastener must have the ability to survive in outdoor weather and humidity.

Nails are the best options as an alternative for screws. But screws must be a second option. Screws have less survival ability to stay outdoors. Nails react in excess heat. The expansion makes the nail bigger or especially smaller. So it will lose over time. 

Advantages of using Screws instead of Nails

As we know, screws and nails both are great fasteners. But they have different feathers which makes them work on different projects. So screws have the features to work in a deck. Screws can stay outdoors. Screws have a corrosion-resistant formula, which protects the screw from damage. 

Thus it doesn’t rust for a long time. Also, the screw gives a good grip for his sharp thread. On the other hand, nails are not long-lasting. It reacts to weather which causes rust. The rust is also harmful to the woods. Thus it gets loosened over time. These problems can be solved by doing some method but it gives extra work.

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How To Determine the Right Screw for Decking Board?

The Decking board needs a special screw. It is important to find the perfect screw for the deck. The screw would be required according to its size, type, material, and weather. Thus there are lots of ways to determine the right screw for the deck.

Consider Decking Material

As we know, screws depend on materials also. The decking should be done only with materials that are suitable for the deck. The materials give the screw more opportunity to work well in its suitable place. So it is important to look at the material to decide on the right screw. 

Consider the Screw Type You Will Use

Choosing the right type of screw is also an important task. There are lots of screws available in the market. But a deck needs a special screw that would be suitable for it. The screw must be able to stay in harsh weather. Also, the screw must be suitable to stay for a long term. A Deck screw is the best screw for a deck. 

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How to Screw A Decking Board

Screwing the decking board is easy to work to do. But there are some tips to screw in correctly. So there will be a little process to follow. It is important to follow the steps correctly to avoid any further problems. 

Keep 1” Distance Between Screws

It is important to keep a distance between screws. When a screw enters a wood, the fibers spread or loose away. Thus the area would also become a little bit weak. Screwing too close can affect both of the screw holes. For that, wood can break, and screw holes can be stripped or something like that. So it is important to keep a 1” distance between each screw. 

Apply Chalk Line To Mark Screw 

It is important to mark before screwing. The screw should be done in its place. But it is impossible to screw on the exact spot every time. So underling before screws can solve this kind of problem. Mark the place with a marker or chalk. A chalk line is better as it does not carry chemicals. 

Choose a Countersunk Screw

A countersunk screw refers to those screws which sink on the object. It is a suitable screw for the deck. This screw head stays along the wood surface. Also, its head is flat, unlike other rounded head screws. The flat head mixed up the upper surface with the wood. It gives a good look to the board. 

Create Pilot Hole Before Drilling Screw

It is important to make pilot holes before screwing. Pilot holes are small holes drilled into wood and any construction material. The pilot holes make the wood fiber more stretchable around the screw hole. Also, it prevents the screw holes from breaking or stripping. 

Types of Screws You Can Use on Decking Board

As we know, there are thousands of screws available for furniture making. But the deck needs a special screw which would be suitable. Thus, there are different types of screws made for the deck. 

Trim Head

Trim head screw refers to a countersunk type of screw that provides a flat and smooth surface after installation. The screw has a flat head in looks and design. The trim head screw is sunk on the surface. So it holds the wood board securely. 

This is the most suitable screw for the deck. Its flat head almost mixes with the surface. It increases the good look of the deck. The screw is also suitable for all trim and carpentry applications like decks. It cuts the screw head hiding process and costs. 

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Hex Board

Hex screw refers to those screws which have a hexagonal-shaped head. This shape head helps the screw to be tightened with a socket that is engaged with the outside faces of the hex head. Hex board screw is one of the classifications of hex screws. 

Hex board screw is the strongest screw for the deck. It has a large long head which can be counted by inches. Thus the head gives the screw more strength in comparison to others. Also, it gives a special grip from the outside. It has the ability to give a secure connection. 

Flat Head

Flat screw refers to those screws which are conical with a flat outer face and tapering to the inner face. The advantage of it is that this screw has a little head which allows it to stick into the materials. It is also one kind of countersunk screw. 

As we know, countersunk screws are great for the deck. Flathead screws play a great role in the deck. Also, flat head screws are available in different configurations and metals. So it is easy to choose screws according to deck materials. Thus it also gives a finished look to the deck board as it can hide its head


Let’s take one of some of the common questions.

What Should Be The Height Of The Decking Board From The Ground?

The height of the deck board from the ground depends on the design and structure of the deck. There are many designs available for the deck. Thus the common distance is 18 inches. Almost every deck design considers the deck board to keep that much height from the ground. It gives the woods more strength. 

How To Determine The Screw Amount For My Decking Board?

As we know, the screw number depends on the deck’s size, weight, and materials. Thus the structure of the deck also determines the screw number. There are screw calculators available online. It helps to find the exact number of screws needed. 

What Size Deck Screws To Use For 2×6?

For 2*6 deck boards, the 2.5 inches to 3 inches deck screws will be the best choice. Thus there are other methods to determine the screw size. But this number can give an example to know. The number can be changed according to deck size, weight, and wood materials. Also, depending on screw types. 

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Now you have got everything to know on how many screws per decking board. In fact, we have pinpointed the exact number of screws to work on the deck. Meanwhile, you must also get to know about alternative solutions to prevent any problematic situations. 

Choosing the right screws for the deck is essential as well. Having the right type of screw will make sure your deck stays intact for years to come. Along with that, be sure to implement the right screwing process to avoid any splitting holes. Apart from that, everything would be fine.

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