How Much Weight Can A Deck Screw Hold: In-Detail Analysis

As wood handypersons, we all have one question, how much weight a deck screw can hold? Well, the answer is not all that straightforward. In the following article, we are going to elaborate on these.

Hence, different kinds of deck screws have different sorts of weight capacities. You must know them to get more advantages out of these tiny pieces.

Either way, keep reading to get to know the weight capacity and related terms in detail. It would be worth your time.

How Much Weight Can A Deck Screw Hold?

Screws are the most important fastener for furniture makers. It works by joining wood parts and making the connection long-lasting. But there are many kinds of screws available in the market. Every kind of screw has different features in length, width, capability material, etc. just like every screw has a different ability to hold wood weights.  

Usually, screws can hold 80-100 pounds of weight. But many factors can change the ability of screws. It depends on screw length, thread, quality, and many more. It also depends on how it has been driven, how much force is given, or how tight the screw is.

Which Things Determine How Much Weight A Deck Screw Can Hold

As we all know, screws can hold weight based on their features. Several things can impact this.

Screw Length

Length is the most important thing that can determine how much a screw can hold. It can significantly affect how much a screw can penetrate the wood. A screw must go deep enough to ensure a solid grip. If a screw can’t do that, then the joint of the wood won’t be strong enough. So length has a huge impact on the connection.

There are three sizes of screws available on the market. These are 6, 8, and 10 diameters. It means these are small, medium, and large. So you have to find your preferred size. It depends on the width of the wood. A screw must go half of its width. 

Thread Type

Threads are also an essential thing for furniture making. It helps to get a better grip on the joint. There are two types of thread available in markets. These are coarse thread and fine thread.

Coarse threads are durable and have good resistance to stripping. It has more space between each thread. The spaces make engagement more extraordinary. It makes it easier to screw in wood. It is considered the best soft material. But it is not stronger than a fine thread. The fine thread has more ability to hold weight. It has a minor diameter and a larger tensile stress area. It can handle odd angles and less jamming. 

Screw Force Type

The force of the screw has a big impact on the amount of weight that it can hold. There are two types of force used in furniture making. These are lateral force and withdrawal force. 

The lateral force is also considered a sheer force. It is mainly used when two wooden parts are attached flat. Kitchen wall cabinets are one great example. In this situation, you might need thicker screws. On the other hand, withdrawal force is applied when two materials want to separate. In that case, you might want a long screw that can penetrate deep enough. You might also want to use multiple screws to boost strength.

Screw Quality

You have to select screws based on their quality. Strong screws can handle more weight. On the other hand, screws with less quality can hold enough weight. It can cause breakage of wood parts. There are crucial factors that can affect screw quality. Steel alloy and how it was tempered are the most important factors. Thickness also has a great impact on quality. The thick the screw is, the more ability to hold weight. You can judge the tensile strength also.

Make sure you get a high-quality screw; you can buy it from any famous and respected brand. Otherwise, you can buy it from any good retailer or shop.

The Insertion Way

It is important to look at the insertion way to ensure a screw can hold the most weight. There are a lot of insertion ways. It will impact how tightly it can grip the wood or material and how you drive it into the material. You have to make sure to tighten enough. It determines how tightly materials have been bound together. To make it more secure, make a pilot hole first. It will make the process easier to insert a screw. It saves a lot of money and time for woodworkers.

How to Increase Screw Weight Capacity

To improve the weight capacity of screws is to add up more screws. If you have any space left to add a screw, place it immediately. It would help your screws to hold most of their capacity of weight. Even though it could cost you a bit more screws, you will get what you ask for in the end.

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Below are the questions to look into.

Should I Use A Screw Weight Limit Calculator?

Yes, you should. Every screw has its ability. Calculating weight limits can give you perfect information. There are many online calculators available. The process will help you to finish your work fast. 

What are SPAX screws made of?

Screws of SPAX are made with stainless steel material. These kinds of characteristics make the screw secure screw. The screw has top-level corrosion-resistant features as well. These characteristics are essential for most projects.

How Much Weight Can A 3 Inch Wood Screw Hold?

A 3-inch wood screw can hold around 240-300 pounds of weight. Hence, it’s a sturdy set of screws that offers you the option to use it in a variety of woodwork. 


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Hence, this is the information you need to know when it comes to the weight capacity of a screw. It’s a great insight to have for most woodworking people. Hence, you must get into the article and get the most out of the information you get. It would be worth your time.

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