How To Cut a Square Out of Wood: Simple 5 Methods

You could be unsure how to complete the task if you need to cut a square out of wood, such as a flat piece of plywood. In truth, there are various approaches you can take, or rather, a few specific tools, to finish this task. Let’s examine the many practices of making a square hole in wood.

Things you need to cut a square out of wood

No matter how you choose to cut the wood, you will need a few simple tools to create a square hole.

Although you might or might not have these tools, you will need them to help you plan your square hole and finish the cut.

You will need the following tools:

  • Dark enough for a pencil to outline your wood
  • Using a measuring tape to take simple measurements
  • A framing square and a straightedge instrument
  • To complete the square hole, use sandpaper, sanding blocks, or an oscillating tool
  • The tools you can cut a square out of wood with such as chisels, hand saw, jigsaw, etc

How to cut a square out of wood using a Jigsaw

Jigsaws are one of the best tools to carve a square hole in a piece of wood. Of course, a jigsaw is a small, portable power saw with a relatively narrow reciprocating blade that rapidly goes up and down. Jigsaws are ideal for this assignment, as well as many others that are comparable. Let’s walk through a step-by-step demonstration of how to use a jigsaw to cut a square hole in wood.

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Step 1: Measure the total space that you will be cutting the square hole into

Making the necessary measurements on the piece of wood you will be cutting the square into is the first step. It would help if you used a T-square with a ruler or measuring tape to create a perfect square. With a T-square, you can create a perfect square with the correct 90-degree angles in each corner. Using chalk or a pencil, the square’s perimeter should be drawn on the wood.

Step 2: Drill the starter holes

Next, you’ll need to drill some beginning holes into the wood because a jigsaw won’t be able to make the initial cut. For interior reductions like these, you must first use your drill to create holes in the board and then insert the jigsaw blade to start sawing. A jigsaw works great for sawing into the wood from the sides, but it cannot enter wood from above.

In this case, you can use a drill bit big enough to create a hole big enough for the jigsaw blade. Additionally, each of the square’s four corners should have one of these holes made. This is because, without those initial holes, you would be unable to turn the jigsaw at a 90-degree angle to create the corners.

Step 3: Insert the jigsaw blade

You only need to put the jigsaw blade in, turn it on, and make the cut at this point. Just cut out the square from the wood by adhering to the lines you made.

Step 4: Sand it

If required, use sandpaper or a power sander to remove any burrs the jigsaw may have left behind.

How to cut a square out of wood using a hand saw

Step 1: Mark the topside of the wood with the Carpenter Square

Get a carpenter square so you may mark the wood with right-angled markings. But an engineer’s triangle or square also works well if you don’t have one. As you draw the wood, press the square’s handle firmly against it while keeping your pencil’s point on the mark you made when you first measured. As a result, make a mark along the square by sliding it until the tips are butted together.

Step 2: Draw two straight lines

Continue drawing these vertical lines on the wood’s three sides. These lines will assist you in concentrating on making a straight cut.

Step 3: Use your hand saw to cut the wood while firmly holding it

Use a sharp, well-maintained blade at all times. When sawing, the wood needs to be held firmly. A vice can help with this. Additionally, you can improvise and use your knee, a low table, a stool, a Black & Decker Workmate, or anything else you have available.

To ensure the saw blade is always straight, carefully follow the vertical lines you drew with a pencil on the wood surface.

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How to cut a square out of wood using a Chisel

Undoubtedly one of the oldest techniques for making a square hole in wood is using a hammer and chisel.

It is also one of the labor-intensive approaches to finishing the task.

On the plus side, you will not need any power equipment, which many folks might not have, and you can create square holes.

Make sure you’ve marked, measured, and remeasured your hole because the same preparation procedures apply. Since you will be striking the chisel with a hammer, which may cause your wood to slide, you will next need to tie your craft to something.

Since you’ll be hammering downward, make sure something is also holding the bottom.

How to cut a square out of wood using a Handheld Router

Step 1: Outline the wood in a square

Outlining the wood in a square is the initial stage in the procedure. Selecting a spot on the wood will be used to create the square’s layout. For improved accuracy, the core of the wood might be picked for this. Cutting will be much simpler or more accessible if you use this layout as a reference. After taking an accurate measurement with the measuring tape, you must mark the layout with a pencil.

This illustration will give you a general sense of the cut you will receive. A protractor can also be used to guarantee square corners. The corner should be at a 45-degree angle for best results. This measurement will ensure that the square is symmetrical from all angles. Even at a distance, your drawing should appear precise. Please confirm the pencil is sharpened to the point where it behaves and seems sharp.

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Step 2: Begin Drilling

In the second phase, you will discover how to use a router to cut a square recess. Many people who are concerned inquire Can A Router Cut A Square Hole?

You can also search the internet or seek expert advice to acquire accurate information. Another difficult question would be which router would be best for this task. And there are numerous woodworking routers on the market for this. Whether a portable or mounted machine, you will quickly achieve the cut and results you want.

The following stage is crucial, and you must have the knowledge and abilities to carry it out successfully. You can make an accurate template using the router bit and template guides on your router table. Once you have determined the proportions of the square you will be working on, prepare the general template layout. This measurement is strongly advised, with each template line adding 0.35 to 0.37 inches of thickness.

Pick a corner, then start drilling there. Make a small hole to guide, then go carefully toward the markings. Make sure the router’s fence is set so you can make such precise movements. The wall should be located precisely where the square is if you want your work to be of the highest caliber.

You are prepared to go after turning it on. Do not look away from the screen as the machine follows your markings. Once you have completed the first line, turn the board around so that a new straight line matches the fence. You will have a precise, square hole after completing this step.

Step 3: Sand the edges

The third and last stage of sanding the edges is this one. All the necessary work has now been finished so that you may sigh relief. And if you’d like, you can take a brief break. You will benefit from making square holes like this in the future when working on many other woodworking projects. One thing you must make sure of is that the edges should be gently scraped with sandpaper.

A rounded edge will result from applying too much pressure to the edges. Therefore try to avoid doing this. And the outcome you were hoping for was not this. You must be familiar with all of the grit sequences in this document to decide which one will suit the state of the wood the best. Because of this, rough edges are sanded with higher-grit sandpaper, while smooth edges are smoothed with lower-grit sandpaper. A wood file can also be used to enhance smoothness. When it comes to cleaning the wood, you have been working with, ultimately. After you’re done working, use a vacuum to clean the area.

How to cut a square out of wood using an Angle Grinder

Cutting holes in wood is not the intended use of an angle grinder. If you cannot quickly locate a better tool for the job, it may save the day.

Of course, you must change the machine using a sawing disc instead of the grinder disc. then carry out the following;

  • Connect the two sawhorses with the wood sheet.
  • Set the angle grinder to on.
  • Pass the sawing disc slowly across the lines you previously created.
  • Finally, smooth the sharp edges.


How much wood can a jigsaw cut through?

Jigsaws are most effective for cutting hardwood up to 3/4 in. thick and softwood no wider than 1-1/2 in. When cutting curves in heavier boards, jigsaw blades frequently flex, leaving a beveled edge instead of a square one.

When cutting wood, is a jigsaw effective?

Jigsaws have a trim blade joined to the tool’s body by a spring-loaded clamp at the front and are best used to cut forms and curves in wood. The number of razor-sharp teeth per inch, or TPI, on the blade. A smoother cut produced by a higher TPI requires less sanding.

Can you use a router freehand?

For creating imaginative, artistic hardwood surfaces, routers are simple to use. The router is manually directed without stopping to accomplish this.

Which wood is the simplest to cut?

The softest wood available for model and design building is balsa. It is pretty simple to cut, so you must take your time and be careful to avoid breaking it while you cut out your designs.

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Finish Line

To master woodworking, you must learn how to cut a square out of wood. Use chisels, drills, saws, and routers to complete the task. However, the most crucial thing to ensure is that you always wear protective clothing or equipment when you are out in public carrying out your professional duties. Additionally, this will stop dust and wood chips from getting inside your body. I provided a list of methods you can use to cut a square out of wood.

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