Hands-on Guide on How To Cut Laminated Wood Shelf

Woods are an essential thing for everyone. It is used in many sectors like furniture, interior design for homes or offices, and many more. There are many types of wood available, including hardwood, softwood, laminated wood, and many more. Laminated wood is one of them. Today we will learn how to cut laminated wood shelves. It’s easy and doable at any moment.

Laminated wood is customized man-made wood. It is durable and different from hardwood. So the process would be different than others. It is important to know how to treat this wood correctly to prevent any future mistakes. Workers should know about the cutting process, tools, and machines to use. 

Talks about Tools for Laminated Wood

Laminate is a unique type of wood that can be customized. It’s made by pressing together layers of heavy-duty paper with melamine. Laminated wood is durable compared to other woods. It is also affordable. It has various types and qualities. 

Though it is durable, it doesn’t need any influential tools to cut. An 80-tooth table saw can be the best option for cutting a laminated wood shelf. It can be found in any kind of local hardware shop. This blade is designed to make clean cuts. However, it won’t cause any cracks or breakage. 

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Steps on How To Cut Laminated Wood Shelf

Cutting a laminated wood shelf is the easiest work. The easiness depends on the cutting process and tools. Laminated wood shelves are fine, but they can’t be compared with real hardwood. It is a little bit weak and durable. So the cutting process should be done carefully to prevent any breakage or cracking. 

Step 1: Use a Knife or Pencil to mark out the cutting line

Marking is important before cutting. Without making a line, cuts can be done in other parts. First, point out the cutting line. Then mark the line boldly. Use any knife or pencil to mark out the line. Then take the next step for cutting. 

Step 2: Start Setup up the Table Saw

Then prepare a table saw. It is used to place wood shelves before cutting. It makes the wood stable to prevent any mistakes. First, adjust the blade according to the thickness of the wood. Set the meter gauge into its slot.

Step 3: Create A Clean Cut In The Bottom Face Of the Laminated Wood 

Once the table saw setup is completed, flip your workpiece for a backward cut. Several cuts are better than finishing in one cut all at once. It prevents any cracking since laminated wood is weaker. Adjust the blade ⅛ inch before cutting the opposite side. Then make several cuts. 

Step 4: Place the Blade A bit Higher And Start Cutting Out.

After cutting in the bottom, it is ready to cut totally. First, adjust the blade according to the thickness of the wood. Place the shelf on the saw perfectly. Then hold your wood against the miter gauge fence. Then start to push the board against the blade. Get a grip by holding the board with your other hand.

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Within the article, we have presented information about laminated wood shelf cutting and finishing. All info comes from hands-on testing and research.

Hence, this article is about how to cut laminated wood, and you will get tons of information.

I hope you got to learn more about which tools are used for cutting laminated wood. There is a full process of cutting. Read the article to learn about how to prevent breakage.

Read the full article to know your problem and find the solution for your work.

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