How to Prevent Footprints on Wood Floors: Fix in 4 Ways

Footprints on wood floors, also referred to as ghosting on wood floors, create an unpleasant look and make your indoor atmosphere less appealing. Having footprints on your precious wooden floors is a stressful thing to deal with. You might ask, what should you do to get rid of this unpleasant culprit from your wooden floors? Here we will present the best ways to prevent footprints on wood floors and remove your headaches.

Reasons for Footprints on Wood Floors

Footprints are stains left on the floor due to grease, oil, or debris that are difficult to get rid of as the stains become very arrogant within a short time. The only film on the wooden surface may cause footprints to show even after you clean wood floors properly. 

You should carefully choose the right cleaning agent for your wood surface. Not all cleaning agents can suit every wood type. A wrong cleaning agent may even damage the wood surface and make it look dull. If you don’t want your indoor environment to look unpleasant to the guests, make sure you do everything to keep the floors and walls beautiful. 

How to Prevent Footprints on Wood Floors

There are a few techniques to prevent unpleasant footprints on wood floors. Keep reading the following section to learn the most effective and handy ways. 

Things You Can Use to Eliminate Footprints

Using Vinegar

Almost everyone knows how effective vinegar is as a cleaning agent. The benefit of using vinegar in this job is its environment-friendly feature. This common household item can help you eliminate footprints on your wooden floors and greasy surfaces. People commonly choose this item due to its better accessibility, affordable price, and non-toxic features. 

It works to remove very arrogant grease that causes footprint stains on the floor. Before applying vinegar:

  1. Ensure your floor is completely dust and debris-free. You can use a dry mop or brush to clean the residue.
  2. Take some warm water to clean the floor surface gently to remove grease and other stains.
  3. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes to let the floor dry

When the drying time is over, mix vinegar and water in a 1:3 ratio meaning that the quantity of water should be three times the amount of vinegar in the solution. Then, spray the solution on a spray bottle on the affected areas of the floor. Try cleaning the floor with this solution until the footprint is gone. Finally, use a dry cloth to wipe off the solution from the floor. You will likely get an attractive look on your floor.

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Using the Mixture of Liquid Dishwasher and Cleaning Water

Using a liquid dishwasher is another excellent common household cleaning agent that is extremely helpful in removing footprints from the wooden floor very quickly. The mixture of dishwasher and water is one of the most cost-effective ways that anyone can apply to make the floor free from unsightly residues and footprints. 

First, you should clean the floor so well that it is entirely free from solid residues. Use a mop to remove the dirt and debris on the floor. After that, mix a tablespoon of the liquid dishwasher with five liters of warm water to make a cleaning solution. For a better result, you can pour a few drops of citric acid on the solution to make it a more powerful cleaning item. 

Mop the areas carefully until the stains are completely gone. You can use the spray bottle to spray the solution on the affected surface using the spray bottle. Use a dry cloth to wipe off the solution. This method is convenient and safe to free your floors from disgusting grime, residues, or other nasty things. 

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Trying Acetone Nail Polish Remover Utilizing 

Acetone nail polish remover is another cost-effective solution to eliminate arrogant residues from wooden surfaces. It also keeps the surface well-maintained. Before trying this cleaning item on your surface, vacuum the surface properly to remove dirt and debris. 

You must be very careful throughout applying acetone because spilling it may damage your finish. For applying the acetone, you can use a spray bottle, spray it over the affected areas, and wipe off the footprints. Repeat the process until you get a precise finish on the floor. 

Trisodium Phosphate 

Another practical and ideal choice to remove footprints from the wooden floor is trisodium phosphate. Start with cleaning the floor with a dry mop. Make sure the floor is free of any solid residues. The cleaner the surface is, the better you will be able to see the damage to the floor. 

Mix ¼ cup of trisodium phosphate with an adequate quantity (4 gallons) of warm water to make the solution. Before applying this solution, wear a pair of hand gloves along with other protective equipment to save your skin from chemical irritation. Use a sponge to apply to mixture on the affected areas of the surface. Wait a few minutes to let the footprints loosen. Rinse the affected areas with warm water. Repeat the whole process until you get a clear finish on the floor. 

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Tips to Remember

  • Avoid commercial cleaning agents with soap-based attributes as they are not enough to eliminate the oil film from the floor.
  • Sweep your floor regularly to reduce the accommodation of dirt and debris. It will also save the floor from any kind of damage and traces. 
  • Don’t use stiff bristles to sweep your laminated flooring, as they can damage the wood finish. 
  • Give the floor a steaming session once or twice a month. 
  • Don’t apply water to unsealed hardwood. 

Final Thoughts 

When cleaning wooden floors, using vinegar, non-soap detergents, steam, dishwasher fluid, etc., is the most effective and handy solution to prevent the accumulation of unsightly elements on the surface. How to prevent footprints on wood floors will no longer be your confusion after reading this article that guided you through the ways to use some everyday household items.

In addition to applying these items, we recommend you take extra care of the floor and clean it regularly, preventing the footprints from sitting on the floor and creating unsightly stains. 

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