How to Remove Gorilla Glue from Carpet: 7 Easy Steps

Gorilla glue is a common to-go adhesive for thousands of projects. It is one of the best fast-drying and super-strength adhesives you have ever worked with. You probably used gorilla glue on your carpet but felt at a loss when it dried on the carpet, and it became so hard to loosen it. This content will help you a lot to learn how to remove gorilla glue from carpets very quickly. 

Here’s How to Remove Gorilla Glue from Carpet 

Since gorilla glue is a very tough adhesive, it becomes difficult to get rid of it when it dries on the carpet. Of course, you might quickly try to get it off your carpet by rapidly wiping off the glue with a cloth, but some steps are given below to make the entire process easier and faster. 

Step 1: Soak Up As Much Glue As Possible 

After spilling the gorilla glue on the carpet, immediately try to soak it up from the carpet with a sheet of clean paper towel if there is any near you. Press the paper towel down on the top of the spillage. Repeat the process to absorb as much as possible. 

Step 2: Collect the Necessary Materials 

There must be some gorilla glue remaining on the carpet that can be removed with some necessary materials. It would be best if you collected a nail polish remover or any suitable acetone fluid, a cotton ball, ammonia, water, a mixing bowl, a towel or cloth, etc. 

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Step 3: Rub the Dried Gorilla Glue 

Use a nail polish remover or safe acetone on the dried gorilla glue. Damp a cotton ball and firmly press down the cotton ball on the spillage. You will see the adhesives start loosening soon. Take another cotton ball if the previous one gets dried before breaking down the gorilla glue. Then, repeat the process. 

Keep doing the task with a cotton ball, but the process doesn’t show good results, move to ammonia that can dissolve gorilla glue faster.  You can also sand the dried gorilla glue with sandpaper. Then, continue rubbing the sandpaper until the dried glue comes off the carpet. 

Step 4: Remove the Dust and Debris created by Sanding

If you sand the gorilla glue, some dust and debris might be left on the carpet due to sanding. So, you should secure the upholstery attachment to a vacuum to clean up the dust. 

Step 5: Pour Isopropyl Alcohol or Ammonia

Later on, you should pour isopropyl alcohol into a container or a small bowl. Elsewhere, you can mix one teaspoon of ammonia with some warm water. The cleaning solution will help you to get rid of the glue stains. Ammonia is a strong chemical that can effectively break down grime and gunk. 

Step 6: Rub the Glue with a Cloth 

We highly recommend you maintain precautions before using this chemical to prevent potential damage. Wear gloves to save your skin from skin damage. Take a dry and clean cloth and dip it into the solution. Then, keep dabbing the solution on the stains until all the glue stains are entirely removed but ensure ammonia doesn’t bleach your carpet. 

Step 7: Clean the Left-out Residues 

In the final step, wet another clean towel to clean any left-out residues from the carpet. Next, dip the cloth in a bowl of warm water and wipe it over the affected area. After cleaning, leave the carpet to dry. 

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Alternative Ways to Remove Gorilla Glue from Carpet 

The above steps are the best ways to remove the dried gorilla glue from carpets effortlessly, but if the glue is still liquid, there are easier ways to get rid of it. You must take the necessary steps immediately after getting your carpet glued. Whatever procedure you try, you must ensure the solution doesn’t damage your carpet. 

Using an Iron

Iron is a common and popular method to remove any dried glue. The heat from the iron machine softens the glue quickly from the long and thick carpets. Before applying heat to the dried gorilla glue, you should check how much glue has spilled and how hard it is. Next, scrape off the hardened glue with a sharp putty knife. This task may take a bit longer. If you successfully remove enough glue, place a cloth over the spill and gently apply the iron’s heat on the cloth. This is how the glue is softened and absorbed by the cloth.

Trying Vinegar and Dish Soap

Another popular alternative to getting rid of the dried gorilla glue from the carpet is using vinegar and dish soap on the carpet. This method provides an effective result without damaging the carpet. 

Before applying vinegar and dish soap, scrape the glue stain with an all-purpose putty knife. A clean cloth has to be soaked in vinegar and dabbed on the carpet for a couple of minutes. Wait for approximately 15 minutes to let the vinegar dissolve the glue. 

After removing most of the glue from the carpet is time to remove the remaining residues with warm water and dish soap. Dip a cloth in the solution and apply it to your carpet. Repeat the entire process multiple times for extremely stubborn glue stains.

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Cautionary Measures 

  • Get the gorilla glue off your carpet with any of the above items but before using, test the glue remover to see whether it is safe for your carpet or not. Also, ensure the nail polish remover, acetone, or whatever you use doesn’t cause discoloration. 
  • Use a drop of glue remover on a small area of your carpet and check its color after applying. If the color changes or fades, never use it for the entire surface.  


Why do people use gorilla glue so widely? 

Gorilla is a typical all-purpose adhesive that creates the strongest bonds on different surfaces. In addition, the bonds this glue creates are waterproof or cold-resistant. 

What are the disadvantages of using isopropyl alcohol to remove gorilla glue from the carpet?

You may experience skin irritation from using isopropyl alcohol. Besides, it takes a longer time to soften the glue.

How can heat soften gorilla glue on carpet?

A heating gun is an effective tool to soften the glue on the carpet. After heating the gun, apply the heat firmly on the glue stains with a paper towel. Let the glue absorb enough heat and become soft. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a heat gun to remove glue from the carpet? 

The advantage of using a heat gun is – it leaves the carpet clean without creating any allergic reaction. However, there are some disadvantages too; like, you should invest a long time in this process, and heat guns are not always a common household item. 

To Sum up

Gorilla glue can repair many essential items we find in almost every household, but when you accidentally drip some of it, it will be a terrible experience for you. You can try many household or DIY remedies to eliminate the stickiness of gorilla glue on your carpet. Go through the above steps and methods to learn how to remove gorilla glue from the carpet and get rid of the problem quickly. 

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