How To Remove Mineral Oil From Wood [Definitive Guideline]

In this modern society, kitchen cabinets and interior design are improving daily. Wood is the most famous thing to use for kitchen cabinets. It can give you royal and rich looks in the kitchen. But this needs some maintenance to keep the good looks. Hence today, we will go up on how to remove mineral oil from the wood.

Over time those cabinets face many problems. It can be damaged by fire, breaking off, or oil-stained. Over time, oil sticks to the cabinets and makes a thick layer. It gets thicker and damages the wood surface and good looks. So it is important to remove it. Also, we should know the ways, products, and steps to remove oil to avoid further problems.

Effects of Mineral Oil on Wood

Mineral oil is colorless, odorless, and a light mixture of higher alkanes. It is also connected to mineral sources. Notably, it is a distillate of petroleum. There are Savalas of mineral oil available in the market. The quality of oil varies from type to type. Many specialists refer to it as a good product for wood. But the mineral properties do not remain whole after cooking it. 

The oil residue is the choked oil that damages wood a lot. Wood is naturally porous. So it is easy for oil to penetrate the surface, leaving a strong stain. It is also damageable for wood properties. It’s because the wood fibers get weaker in the connection of hot or bad oil. 

Why Should You Remove Mineral Oil?

Removing mineral oil is mandatory to work for users. Those greasy oil residues are not what people expect. It is the opposite of maintenance. We all have known before that it is damaged wood. But it is also dangerous for many other reasons.  

So first, oil residue is bad for wood as it weakens it. Secondly, it is bad for human health also. Finally, the oil residue is the wastage part. So germs can easily make a big family on it, affecting your food and other useful elements. Also, those oils can easily stitch dirt from the outside, which will make your work more problematic.  

What To Use To Remove Mineral Oil From Wood?

There are several ways to remove mineral oil stains from wood. How you remove it depends on which way you want to apply it. You can use the product or homemade way either. Both ways are effective if the steps are applied properly. There are lots of products like mineral spirits. 

Critic solvent is also a useful product to vanish residue oil. Mineral spirit is also one kind of solvent and is the most popular product. However, it can be a little bit rushed for wood. So you should use it carefully.

Steps on Removing Mineral Oil from Wood

Removing mineral oil from the wood is not as hard as it sounds. The process is really easy if the way is correct. You need baking soda, thick brown paper, dish liquid, sawdust, water, and mineral spirit. 

  1. First, pour a pile of sawdust on the stain. Leave the powder all night. Then in the morning, swipe up all the powder. To work less, use a vacuum to remove powder easily. 
  2. Then lay a thick brown paper over the stain. Put the iron on the lowest heat and rub it on the paper. The heat liquefies the oil residue. Then black paper soaks all the oil on it. Replace the paper until it soaks all liquid oil. 
  3.   Then mix a little bit of the dishwasher with water. Wash away all the stains. 
  4. If the stain is stubborn, use mineral spirit. Spread spirit all over the surface. After some hours, wipe it out.   

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How to Identify Mineral oil on Woods Easily

Mineral oil on wood is an unwanted thing for all. Identifying oil stains is too easy as a cup of tea. A normal man can notice the stain with one look. It is usually stuck on a wood surface. In simple words, an oil stain looks like a dirty layer on the wood. It is also sticky to touch.

The oil stain can be in many colors like black, dark brown, or yellow because these are wastes of cooking or any oily substance. In addition, the sticky formula can easily touch dirt or sand. However, these are simple ways to identify oil stains. 

Other Options for Removing Mineral Oil

As we know, removing oil stains can be done in many ways and with many products. So that is why the mineral spirit is not the only option for this situation. Homemade products like baking soda, white vinegar, and dishwashers are also some great options for removing oil stains. Finally, there are the most inexpensive ways. 

White vinegar is the most powerful and effective way of doing this. Also, it is the safest way. It works best for stain layers and also works as a sanitizer. Using a dishwasher is also an easy way. It gently removes oils from wood without damaging any wood properties.   

Using White Vinegar

Vinegar – a weak from acetic acid. Just mix hot water with vinegar with hot water. The ratio will be equal for both. Then spread all over the stain. Leave it for 4-6 hours. Then wash it away. This technique is the most effective of all.

Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is the most available product because of its multipurpose feature. Also, it can be found in every home. Just spread the soda on the stain. Rub for some time. Split water and wit for some time. Then wash it away. 

Using Mineral Spirits

Yes, it is the most common way. It safely removes oil buildup on the surface of the wood. Also, it doesn’t need any mixture; just spray mineral spirit on the stain. Wait for some hours. Then remove it. Wash it away if any stain remains. 

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Tips for One Better Removal Of Mineral Oil?

Though removing mineral oil is important but should also be careful while removing it. Many kinds of products are used while removing them. Those products can contain many harmful elements. Though wood is sensitive, natural wood can react to the touch of chemicals.

Wood is porous. So it should be careful so that wood can’t absorb any water. Mineral spirits can damage food and floors also. Keep the food away and spray carefully. Choose the product carefully. Because harmful chemicals weaken all the wood fiber, choose those products suitable for wood. 


Let’s dive into the most asked questions.

How Many Times Should I Clean on Mineral Oil from Wood?.

It depends on the number of stains. The stain can be a little or too hard. The older the stain is, the stronger it is. It also depends on the product you use or the way you applied.   

What Are The Benefits Of Using Mineral Spirit?

The benefit of using minerals in the process. It doesn’t need any mixture. Just spray it on the stain directly. Also, it is the fastest. However, it can weaken the stain for 3-4 hours.  

How Much Time Does It Take To Remove Mineral Oil?

It depends on the product. Usually, it takes 2-5 minutes to remove the oil.

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