How To Remove Wood Screw Plugs: 5 Methods With Steps

Wood is an essential thing in everyone’s life. Like furniture, interior design, and wood tools, everything is part of our daily life. To make those things, we need wood to treat according to purpose. To treat wood, we may need screws, dowels, knives, wooden screw plugs, etc. wood screw plug is one of them. Today we will explore how to remove wood screw plugs and their possibilities.

A wooden screw plug is an essential thing for woodworkers. It is a compulsory product for some situations. So every worker should know about it. It also should be known for plug usage.

What is the Wood Screw Plug?

The wood plug is a piece of wood that is used to cover screw heads from any wood board or furniture. The wood plug is not any technical thing. Thus it looks almost like dowels. But these are not the same. Dowels are specially made for joining wooden parts, while a wooden screw plug is just a simple wood piece that can’t bear any load and weight. 

Screws are essential, but it is considered ugly when it comes to appearance. The screw head destroyed the look of the furniture. Thus it also seems unfinished and unprofessional. The wood plug is a solution for this. It covers the screw head easily. Wooden screw plugs are a common thing for woodworkers. It comes in various shapes, designs, and colors. 

Steps on How To Remove Wood Screw Plugs

Wood screw plug is a worthy product for woodworkers as it has the best utilization. But it has to be removed for some situations like remaking, unscrewing, or just something like that. Removing wood plugs is not that hard to stuff. There are many ways to remove that. 

Step 1: Drill the Right Middle of the Plug

The first step is to drill the middle of the plug. First, take a drill machine and make a little hole in the middle of the plug. Make sure not to make any big holes. The hole will help to remove the plug. 

Step 2: Drill Number 8 Screw on the Plug

After that, you will need an 8-number screw. Just take that screw and stick it to the hole you have made in the middle of the plug. Then start drilling over the screw slowly. As the screw starts moving, the plug will break its seal.

Step 3: Remove the Wood Screw Plug

After the seal breaks, it is easy to come out of the plug. Now raise the speed of the drill machine. It will come out slowly from the hole. Then remove the plug out totally.

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Exploring Alternative Options

As we know, removing wood screws is an easy job. But there are tons of methods for removing wood screws. Thus, one method can’t work in every situation. So an alternative method should be ready. It can prevent unwanted situations. 

Drilling and Hitting the Wood Plug

Drilling and hitting the wood plug to remove it is the best alternative. This method is also easy as before. The first step is to drill. First, take a drilling machine. Then choose a drilling bit according to the size of the wood screw plug. The bit should be thin, so it makes a small hole. It helps the drill machine pull out the screw.

Now make the hole and use a drilling machine in it. After the plug comes out, a little bit stops the machine. Then start the hitting process. Hit on the plug head. It will break the seal. Hit several times. It will prevent any kind of breakage. After the bond loses out, pull out the plug.

Using Sharp Knives

This is also an easy way to remove. This is also a DIY hack. If anyone doesn’t have any machine or tools, then this technique is for them. The first step is to take a knife. Any knife is suitable for this technique. But the sharpest knife can help a lot. Also, a triangle head knife would be great. Now slowly poke on the side of the plug. Start poking for some time. Then it will sort out a little bit. Increase the poking strength. Then insert the knife in the middle of the plug. Then pull it out. 

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Using Screw

Using screws to remove the plug is also as easy as before. Now screw in the middle of the plug. It will work as a handle and help you to remove the wood plug easily without any tool. First, take a screwdriver and a screw. 

Make sure to choose the correct size of screw. The screw size should be medium, as it would not be too big or too small. Then screw half of the plug and keep half of it outside. Make sure to stick the screw totally with the plug. Then hold the screw head tightly and start twisting the plug. Keep twisting until it loosens up. Then pull the whole plug carefully.

Using Drill Machine

Wooden screw plugs can be removed by using only screw machines. This is also an easy task. But this method takes too much time. This method is used only for special purposes, including preventing any breakage or weak furniture. In this method, all you need is a drill machine. First, take the machine. 

Then set the drill bit according to the size of the plug. Choose the small and thin bit for this technique. Then make four holes on the fore side of the plug. It will break the seal and lose the bond. Then drill in the middle of the plug. After that, it will come out completely.

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How To Remove Wooden Plugs From IKEA Furniture?

First, know that IKEA furniture is not different from other furniture when it comes to strength. So any wood screw plug removal process can be suitable for IKEA furniture. You can use the drill machine method to avoid any scratches. 

How To Remove Wood Furniture Plugs Without Damaging Them?

The first method given on this page would be most suitable for removing wood furniture plugs because this method is the safest way. In addition, this method prevents any kind of damage breakage. 

What Are The Wood Plug Removal Tools I Will Need?

As we know, wood plug removal techniques don’t require too many tools. But it needs some small and specific amount of tools. These are a drilling machine, hammer, screwdriver, knife or chisel, and many more things. Thus these tools are essential for removing wood plugs. 

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To Wrap Up

Thanks for visiting our website. We have given all the information about removing wooden screw plugs and related things. All the information is collected from authentic sources. Know the alternative techniques to prevent any unwanted situation. Thus, know your problems and find the best solution for your work.

This article is all about how to remove wood screw plugs. Some related and relevant topics are also added to this article. First, we have explained all the information about what a wood screw plug is and its features and usage. Know about its types and sizes. Here we were given several techniques to remove wooden screw plugs. Finally, the steps are briefly written. 

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