How To Remove Wooden Closet Rod: Easy Steps to Follow

The Closet is an essential part of people’s daily life. Everyone needs a closet to store their clothes. It makes all clothes organized and protects them from any damage. Thus, new types and new technologies are being invented day by day. There are several closet parts, including a drawer, rod, shelf, and many more. Hence, let’s find out how to remove wooden closet rods.

 The closet door is an important part of the Closet. Maybe it sounds simple, but it plays a significant role in managing your Closet. So, it is essential to know its type, price, and maintenance. 

What Is A Closet Rod?

A closet rod is an essential part of an almirah. A closet rod is a long stick with a wardrobe or Closet. It is used for hanging clothes in the Closet. It comes in various shapes, including round, square and oval. Closet rods can be made of wood, metal, steel, aluminum, and many more. So naturally, the prices of rods depend on quality. 

The closet rod is a new technique in the closet world. This rod makes all clothes more organized. Folding clothes is a bit tricky work and takes a lot of time. Also, folding clothes can damage fabric and prints. Hanging them is much easier and also saves a lot of time. Thus it can avoid any damage also. 

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How To Remove Wooden Closet Rod

Wooden closet rods are an essential part of the Closet. Though wood is a sensitive thing, it can affect weather or insects. But it can be stripped, old, or broken sometimes. So it is important to remove or replace the rod. It is because the process of removing the closet rod is such easy work. 

Step 1: Lose Out on Two Ends of the Socket

There are two sockets on both sides of the rod. It helps to hold the rod. To remove the rod, first, loose out those two end sockets. Simply swipe those ends. It will loosen up the bond between sockets and rods.

Step 2: Pull Out the wooden Closet Rod

After losing the socket, it is ready to be removed. First, hold the rod carefully. Then move the rod from right to left or left-right. After moving, the end of the rod will appear. Then pull the rod in the opposite direction. 

Can I Repair or Replace an Old Wooden Closet Rod?

Simply put, “Yes.” a wooden closet can be repaired or replaced. Though it is natural, it can be damaged or affected at any time. Also, it can be broken, old, or rotten. So it is important to remove or replace the rod in some situations. Unfortunately, the process of these is too easy.  

You can easily remove or replace wooden rods. To repair the rod, any wooden repair process can help. Polishing, furnishing, or using filler are the most effective removal methods. Replacement is easy as well. Just removing the rod and its socket. Then buy another set of rods and place them in the same space. 

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Is It Better To Use Steel Closed Rod Instead Of Wood?

In other words, Yes. It is better to use steel closet rods instead of wooden rods. We all know that wood is a sensitive thing. It can be affected and damaged easily. It also takes more maintenance work rather than steel. Thus wooden rods are more famous than any other. 

Using steel rods is the best choice for the Closet. Steel is easy to maintain. Also costs less than wood. So wood rods are affordable also. Steel isn’t affected by any insect or weather. So the fidelity of steel is much more than wood. So steel is the best option for you. 


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