How To Reweb A Lawn Chair With Screws: 5 Simple Steps

A lawn chair is a far more important item for all of us. It contains all the memories and nostalgia. But how to reweb a lawn chair with screws when it gets torn off? Moreover, as outdoor furniture, it is used by all from children to old. Thus it is a favorite item for most people. But it needs maintenance like washing, cleaning, changing webbing, and many more. Let’s find out how to reweb it.

Changing the web of the lawn chair is a must. But it is also important to get knowledge about how to reweb a chair. The reweb process can be done by normal people to workers as it is easy to do. But knowing about the steps and materials and tools is mandatory for all to fulfill the work perfectly. 

Why Should You Reweb a Lawn Chair?

Lawn chair refers to those chairs which are able to fold and carry. This chair allows consumers to use it for outside activities. It has different types of names such as folding chairs and patio chairs. Lawn chairs can be made from various materials like wood, plastic, aluminum, or steel. Steel is the most used material in this furniture. 

Lawn chairs can be reweb for various reasons. The main reason can be broken or damaged. Thus there would be other reasons such as being old or dirty and so on. Buying or changing can cost a lot. So webbing would be a great way. 

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What Should Have To Reweb A Lawn

Regarding the web, a lawn chair is not any hard work to do. Thus it needs some process and tools to complete the work perfectly. The tools are all available in shops and online markets. These are the least number of products. Thus these products are affordable also to buy for everyone. 

New Webbing

The main material needed is new webbing. Vinyl, nylon, and polyester materials are mostly used for lawn chair webbing. As outdoor furniture, lawn chair webs must be able to stay in any weather. All three materials are waterproof and strong enough to stay outdoors. 


Scissors are also an important tool for webbing. Webbing comes in a role. So it needs cutting to make the perfect size for each row. Also, scissors are needed for cutting the extra sides as the sides destroy the appearance and look unprofessional. 

Tape Measure

Measurement is a must before starting the webbing. It is important to take the measurements to make the web process-wise. The perfect measurement helps to take the right size. If the roll cuts too small then enough will be wasted. So it helps to save rolls from wasting. A measurement tape would be suitable for it. 

Screw Driver(Optional)

A screwdriver is a side tool in webbing. It isn’t needed in every webbing session so it is considered optional. It is needed while removing screws. Some chairs’ webs are stuck with screws. Without removing screws a new process can’t be started. This is why screwdrivers are often needed. 

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How To Reweb A Lawn Chair With Screws

Reweb a lawn chair is an easy task. But still, it needs some process. This process is needed step by step to do the work perfectly. Every process makes the task easier and wiser. 

Step 1: Measure the Lawn Chair

The first step is to measure the lawn chair. It is important to measure first to take every material in the right amount. A web amount depends on the chair’s size. Also, the number of screws is fixed based on chair length and width. Use a measuring tape to get the perfect measurement. 

Step 2: Remove The Screws from the Chair

The second step is to remove all the screws. In lawn chairs, the webs are stuck with screws commonly. It is important to remove screws before removing the old web. Any screwdriver or drilling machine can help to remove the screws. Remove carefully to prevent any damage. 

Step 3: Place the New Web Into The Place

After removing all the screws it is time to take a new web. First, remove all the old web. Then take a new web which was measured before. Now place them in their places. Keep some distance between each row and column. It will help to give a clean appearance. 

Step 4: Keep on Webbing

Now keep on webbing. Webbing means the intersection of two web lines. Now secure one side such as a row or column. For example, secure all the rows. Then cross the column under and upper side of the row. Make sure to go under the bar every time. Now keep the process and do it all over the web.

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Step 5: Complete The Webbing

The final step is completing the web process. Now secure every side of the web tightly. Any screws or hooks can be suitable to secure. After securing, cut the extra sides of the web. Now your webbing process is finished. 


How Long Will It Take To Reweb The Lawn Chair?

The reweb process time depends on how fast the worker is. But usually, it takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete the full process. But the time can be different according to the chair’s size and web. 

How Often Should You Reweb A Lawn Chair?

There are many reasons to reweb a lawn chair. But the web should change when it gets too old. An old web is unable to sit. Also, it decreases its ability to stay in any outdoor or harsh weather. Old webs destroy the appearance of lawn chairs. So it is important to change the old webs. 

Is it mandatory to use screwdrivers for re-webbing lawn chairs?

It is not mandatory to use screw drives for re-webbing lawn chairs. Screwdrivers are often needed when it is time to insert or remove screws. But screwing can be done with a drilling machine or hammer. Also, every lawn chair doesn’t use screws to secure the web. So screwdriver is not mandatory to use a screwdriver on every reweb process. 

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That’s how we have summed up the question of how to re-web a lawn chair. We have given the reasons behind reweb a lawn chair. Know the important tools that will need to re-web. Choose all the tools according to your needs. 

Overall, we have put together all of the guidelines to let you reweb the whole chair. Follow the steps and everything will come along. Once you are done, don’t forget to sit back and have real-time on your re-webbed lawn chair. 

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