How to Use Gorilla Glue on Wood: Efficient Guide On Usages

Gorilla glue holds a strong adhesive formulation for which carpenters, hobbyists, and woodworkers trust this equipment for their woodworking or other projects. This adhesive is easy and handy to use, and incredibly water-resistant. One of the best features of this glue is that it dries a natural color. So, the color of this glue offers an invisible bond line for woodworking projects. This content on how to use gorilla glue on wood will offer the best usage of it and why it is better than many other glue types.

Why Does Gorilla Glue Work the Best on Wood?

Gorilla glue is a polyurethane-based adhesive that expands when it is cured. This is why gorilla glue is considered ideal for gluing metal or wood. We know wooden materials usually shrink and expand in the presence of moisture in the air. So choose gorilla glue over other adhesives when your woodworking projects require a waterproof solution and get the strongest waterproof bond.

Gorilla glue is an adhesive that makes a strong bond and is flexible enough to be up for any woodworking job. However, before using the glue, you must read the instructions given by the manufacturers. Besides, always follow the warnings or cautions you can see on the label when using any glue.

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Best Benefits & Features of Gorilla Glue 

  • Powerful bonding capacity with a 100% water-resistant formula
  • Easy to clean up with water
  • Fantastic for both indoor and outdoor applications 
  • Withstanding exposure to water, sun, and inconvenient temperature
  • Dries natural color 
  • No foaming
  • Paintable
  • Sandable 

How to Use Gorilla Glue on Wood: Easy Steps

This article intends to help you to create a strong bond using gorilla glue and ensure your woodworking project is successfully done and looks smooth. Check out some easy steps in this guide to using gorilla glue on the wood surface to help you avoid falling into a troublesome situation. 

Step 1: Prepare the Surface

Before starting the task, ensure you prepare the surface well. You should ensure the surfaces are clean and dry before bonding. If the surface is a bit moisturized or wet, gluing on that surface will be difficult. 

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Step 2: Apply Gorilla Glue 

After preparing the surface, apply the glue firmly to the surface. Shake the glue well Before using.

Step 3: Use Clamps 

Once you apply glue on the surface, take the parts to join together and use clamps for around 20-30 minutes. The parts of your projects must fit tightly. 

Step 4: Scrape off The Leftover Glue

After bonding the parts together, there might be some remaining glue after the glue dries. To remove the leftover glue, use a clean and wet rag or a piece of cloth to scrape off. 

Step 5: Leave the Glue to Dry

Finally, it would be best if you rested the bond to dry for a whole day. Gorilla wood glue is perfectly cured after 24 hours. To clean out the gorilla glue build-up, remove an applicator tip. 

Now, you have understood why using gorilla glue on wood surfaces is perfect and easy for indoor or outdoor use. This adhesive is also effortless to clean up with water since it is highly water-resistant.  

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How to Remove Gorilla Glue from Wood?

  • Use a paper towel which is effective for wiping away glue spills
  • Take some acetone nail polish to wet a paper towel and wipe again
  • When the glue is dried, scrape away the dried wood glue with a paint scraper or a putty knife
  • Sand off the leftover glue 
  • Use a cloth to remove the residue

Things to Consider 

  • Close the cap of the glue after use; otherwise, it will thicken
  • Store the glue at room temperature, not freeze
  • If the glue gets thick or is improper to use, keep shaking it well until it is restored to its original consistency 
  • The temperature to store the glue should be above 55° F
  • Sand the surface to minimize the exposure of glue before finishing the task  


How long does it take gorilla glue to dry on a wooden surface? 

It takes approximately 20-30 minutes for gorilla glue to set. Therefore, 20-30 minutes is the required clamp time, but it is fully cured if you leave it for 24 hours. 

What are the problems with gorilla glue?

Repeated exposure to gorilla glue may damage your organs and irritate your eyes if it gets in them. It also causes difficulty breathing and respiratory irritation. 

What can’t gorilla glue stick to?

Gorilla glue can effectively be used on many kinds of metals and plastic. However, using gorilla glue on polyethylene plastics, polypropylene, or rubber doesn’t yield the desired results. 

Is gorilla glue durable enough to create strong bonds forever?  

All-purpose gorilla glue can bond anything and create strong bonds that will last forever if applied accurately. In addition, this adhesive is free of filters and solvents, which is a valuable and versatile kind of glue.

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What surface can I use gorilla glue on?

Gorilla glue is effective on metal, wood, plastic, rubber, paper, stone, brick, ceramics, PVC, and many other materials. This adhesive can work well on vertical surfaces as well. 

Final Thoughts

Because of the water-resistant formula and fast bonding capacity to various wood surfaces, gorilla glue has become popular with many woodworkers. You can use this glue for indoor and outdoor projects. However, many people commonly ask how to use gorilla glue on wood. Hopefully, this content will help you to figure out the proper direction for the usage of gorilla glue. 

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