How To Use Hot Glue Without Gun: The Best Handy Ways

Sometimes your glue gun might be lost or broken, but you badly need to glue something. In this situation, to glue your project immediately, you need to know how to use hot glue without a gun. When you don’t have a glue gun in front of you, always go for the handy alternatives to melt glue sticks to finish your project successfully. 

What Temperature Is Needed To Melt Hot Glue Stick?

Are you worrying when you don’t have the glue gun, or your glue gun is lost or broken? There is nothing to worry about because you have lots of other ways to use your glue. All you need to do is to know the tricks and tips to melt the glue to the right temperature

The ideal temperature to melt the glue into liquid is between 80-200°C or 176-392°F. The degree of melting of the glue depends on the type of adhesive you are using. The hot melt adhesives require 195°C and low melt adhesives require 130°C. 

You will be able to determine the temperature only if you know the type of glue. Take ideas from the label on the glue where it is written which temperature the glue might need to melt. Different glues are useful to bond different types of projects. However, the high and low melt glues are used with different guns. 

Always be very conscious whenever you are using heat to melt your glue. The glue must not be too overheated or too cold. Both extreme cases will not work on the project; rather, the glue becomes toxic or just gets wasted. 

Ways To Melt Glue Sticks Without A Glue Gun

You don’t always need a glue gun to melt the glue. Do it with a stove, microwave, or lighter. Apart from these, you can use lots of other tools to make the process easier for you. You also need to know the type of adhesive you are using to apply the glue properly. Some tools can help to melt the glue faster. They are-

  1. A glass-made bowl in the microwave 
  2. An electric skillet glue pan
  3. A nonstick pan
  4. A lighter 
  5. Matchsticks 
  6. Homemade soda can glue guns

It is an essential task to find the right glue for the right project. So, learn how to melt glue sticks by using various heat sources. Some of the excellent ways are given here for your good-

Is It Possible To Melt The Glue In The Microwave: 

Yes, it is possible to melt the glue in the microwave. An easy way to melt the glue in the microwave is in approximately 20-second intervals. This interval duration will help you to check the temperature. Always remember, heating to glue so much will not work on the project as expected. So, be sure the glue stick temperature is within the accurate range. Besides, you need to be aware of the glue temperature so that it is not too cold. The cold glue will solidify before you use it to bond something. On top of everything, be careful not to burn the glue. The extremely hot adhesives get different colors and become toxic. The hot glues cause it to break down if it is overly heated. 

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How To Melt Glue On The Stove:

Might you not have a microwave in your house? What to do then to melt the glue? The easiest way to melt your glue is to use a stove. Take a nonstick pan or a pot that is reusable. Next, cut the glue stick into several pieces and heat them at the correct temperature. Heat them on low and wait until the glue is melted. To check whether the glue is melted expectedly, you can dip a brush in the pan and take the glue to spread on your items. A pan is a very useful tool to melt the glue because the leftover glue can be reheated and reused later for the next project. 

Using A Hot Glue Skillet Can Be A Great Help: 

If you are a craftsman, this technique will be the best for you to melt glue sticks. A hot glue skillet is a tiny glue melting pot that transforms glue sticks from solid to liquid. These pots are very versatile and melt any type of glue faster than anything. The craftsmen like this tool a lot where they can dip their items or products to get adequate coverage. 

How Can A Heat Gun Be Your Good Support?

It is very easy to melt the glue with sufficient heat. A heat gun can help you to melt the glue very quickly and easily. It must be on a non-flammable surface. You should not use the heat gun on a glass surface; otherwise, it will be broken due to extreme heat.

What About A Candle That Also Melts Glue? 

The easiest and cheapest method to melt the glue is using a candle. A candle flame is a very handy tool that anyone can use. Hold the far end of the glue stick in the candle flame until the glue stick melts. Later, dab the molten glue stick onto the item’s surface. 

A Soldering Iron Is Also A Great Tool To Melt Glue Sticks

A soldering iron is such a tool that gives extreme heat to melt the metal. If you need to melt a glue spot, a soldering iron is perfectly suitable for your project. The heat is intense at one point. So, make sure the heat the soldering iron delivers on the project withstands the heat. 

Matches Can Melt Drops Of Hot Glue:

Do you need just one drop of hot glue at a time? A match stick can help you to melt tiny blobs. As usual, cut a thin disk off the glue stick with a blade or scissors. Then, you can slide the tiny wedge onto the matchstick about an inch above the match’s head. You need to ensure that you strike the match without any interference. 

Use A Lighter As Another Great Tool:

The easiest and quickest way to melt the glue is using a lighter. You can easily melt the end of the glue stick with a lighter. Be careful if the stick becomes too short to hold well. When the glue stick is too short, you should discard it; otherwise, your fingers will be glued. 

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What’s the way to cut hot glue?

Use a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and rub the glue edge gently. You will be able to scrape off the stick with a scraper once it is softened. If the glue stick is too hard, use a blow dryer to heat the glue and soften it. 

Is it good to melt glue in the microwave?

You can melt the glue in the microwave easily, but it is not a good idea to melt the glue there. Microwaves are used for cooking food or making food hot. There might be a risk the glue can spread poison that can go into the food later.

How much time does hot glue take to dry?

The hot glue might take approximately 10 minutes to set on the project. However, you should rest the project for 12 hours for the glue to harden. 

Final Thoughts

You must consider giving an accurate temperature to melt the glue stick. Whatever the source is, get acquainted with the easy ways to use that source perfectly. From all the methods given above, hope you get clearly understand how to use hot glue without a gun. Before applying any method, know the type of adhesive, the amount of glue your project requires, and how to control the glue when it is melted. 

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