What Is a Michigan Axe? The Best Informative Guide

What is a Michigan axe- this is the question you want to know the answer to from this content. In one word, a Michigan axe is so popularly used to cut through larger pieces of wood and frozen trees. It can bite into the log deeper, and the design allows it to avoid chipping in all ways possible. There are many things you might look for to know about the Michigan ax. This content will tell you what a Michigan axe is, its distinctive features, usages, purposes, origin, and many more. 

Origin of Michigan Axe 

Axes are named basically after the area they originated first. So, the name ‘Michigan axe’ suggests that this axe originated in Michigan. The curved shape of this axe type has made it so popular since 1860, and still today, this axe is similarly famous for its many features. The head of the Michigan axe is specially designed in such a way that it can handle the dense white pine in Michigan’s lumber-rich area. Lumbar was a big industry in the United States. 

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Features of Michigan Axe 

The features of this type of axe are not designed like other axe types. Check below some original features of this axe. Why this axe is so widely used?

  • The design of this axe allows it to deal with the wood of trees that are large, frozen, and heavy. 
  • The axe head shape is curved and tempered to hold an edge. The curved design helps the axe bite more profoundly into the wood. 
  • There are two corners at the bit of the axe; one is the toe, which is farthest from the user, and the other is the heel, which is close to the user.
  • The toe and heel in the new Michigan ax design are slightly more rounded than the previous models. This change helps to chop into more complicated wood types. 
  • The axe has a heavier poll that helps the axe to provide more heft and deeper bites into the wood. 
  • The poll of the Michigan axe is a bit rounded and not hardened, for which you can’t use it as a hammer. 
  • This axe head weighs about 3 to 7 pounds based on the user’s carrying strength. 
  • The handles of this axe can be straight or curved. The user can choose it according to his preference. 
  • The Michigan axe’s pattern stands out unparalleled because the double bit can do two jobs. 
  • This axe’s head pattern is still used by many people, unlike other older axe patterns. 

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Can You Use the Michigan Axe for Splitting Wood?

Commonly a Michigan ax is used for chopping larger trees and the wood types that are dense. Remember one thing; you can’t use this axe as a hammer because the front and back of this axe are a bit curved. The Jersey axe can play its multipurpose role for its poll that can work as a hammer. Its poll is heavier for the Michigan axe’s curved back and front features. 

However, thinking wisely before using your Michigan axe to split wood would be best. The usages of the Michigan and Jersey axes are different. Since splitting wood requires vertical swings, you should not use the Michigan pole ax for this job. A felling ax like a Michigan ax doesn’t have the role of splitting the wood apart. When you try to split them apart with a Michigan axe, the ax will get stuck in the wood, and it is not easy to get out of it quickly. So, you should better choose a splitting axe that is mainly designed for this work. 


Which one is better, a Michigan axe and a splitting axe?

You can use every axe for cutting through wood but based on your purpose, you should choose wisely which one to use. A Michigan pole ax is suitable for falling timber, whereas a splitting ax is suitable for cutting wood vertically. 

Why should I choose a Michigan axe to cut down a tree?

A Michigan axe is a type of felling ax that has a good reputation for its capability to cut down logs or trees. This axe’s solid, sharp edge is good enough to cut through the trees.

Which axes are perfect to have around the home? 

An axe with a long handle named a felling axe is more suitable around the house for cutting trees, removing old trees, or chopping firewood. The long handle of this axe develops the user’s power with better leverage. 

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Should I use a Michigan axe for splitting wood?

No, you should not. Splitting a medium-sized wood with a Michigan axe may stick the axe in the wood, and it is too hard to get it out of the wood. 

Final Verdicts

When you are looking for a tool to knock down a giant tree, you have to choose the Michigan axe without any thought. The Michigan axes are preferable for their numerous positive, distinctive features among many different felling axes. The ideas given above might fulfill your requirements about what is a Michigan ax. The creation of the Michigan axe made cutting through trees a hundred times easier. 

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