What Kind of Simple Machine Is an Axe Head: 6 Untold Facts

You might be familiar with simple machines; if not, get informed that simple machines are those devices that can alter their motion or modify force to ease the work. An axe is a handy and simple tool that is very much suitable for woodworking projects. There are many types of simple machines you may find. Now the question is, what kind of simple machine is an axe head? Check out the detailed discussion about it in this content. 

What are Simple Machines?

Many of us already know about the simple machines and varieties of simple machines like a wedge, lever, wheel, axle, pulley, inclined plane, and screw. Simple machines are those kinds of devices that can alter the direction of the force. All simple machines may or may not have moving parts. However, these machines alter the magnitude of the force to make the user’s job easy. 

What Simple Machine an Axe Head is?

The axe head is designed to split or chop wood very efficiently. An axe head is a wedge. It is called a V-shaped steel wedge that helps start to cut. Do you know what a wedge is? The object named wedge tapers to a thin edge. Attempting to push the wedge in one particular direction will create force in the sideways direction. The tapered sides of the wedge redirect the force, which is how it expands the wood apart. 

Now, go through the points on how different axes with variant profile wedges are suitable for different work.

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Axes with Longer and Thinner Blades 

Thin blades of the axes make the wood or tree chopping work much more accessible because less force is diverted outward. The long and thin blades of the axes allow them to dig deeper. 

Axes with Wider Wedge

Wider wedge shapes of the axes are considered suitable for splitting logs. 

Different Simple Machines

  • Lever 

A lever is a tool that rests on a support called a fulcrum. You can transfer and increase the tool in an upward direction by applying a little force to lift a heavyweight object. The axe handle works as a lever arm. We all know a tool like an axe needs enough force to cut through something. The axe’s point of rotation is what we call the lever’s fulcrum. An axe handle is quite long, providing more torque to the head of the axe. As a result, chopping or cutting wood becomes easy with less effort. 

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  • Wedge

A Wedge is an object made of metal or wood that tapers to a thin edge. It is used for lifting, splitting, or tightening. If you push the wedge in a single direction, it will create a force in a sideways direction. An axe is a wedge that changes the direction of the force. The way a wedge or an axe works, it is helpful for the user to split logs using less effort. 

  • Pulley 

It is a wheel that carries a flexible rope, cord, chain, cable, or belt. A pulley is a suitable tool to lift heavyweight objects from lower-level surfaces. It is wrapped around with a rope and designed in a perfect mechanism. There might be a groove on the pulley where the rope is well-fitted. You should attach one end of the pulley and exert force on the other. While attempting heavy-duty work with heavy-weighted products, combine some pulleys to invest less effort to finish the task. 

  • Inclined Plane 

An inclined plane is another simple machine that has a flat surface. This tool is used to slide loads up. You can’t lift things with this machine but move the objects with a minimum effort. The force this machine needs is minimal and spread over a long distance. The wedge and screw are two other simple machines related to an inclined plane. So, these machines are also inclined planes in a way. 

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  • Wheel and Axle

This simple machine is another effective solution to move heavy objects with less effort and minimum effort. Many think this machine was used previously to raise water buckets from wells. A round shaft and a rod are used to create this machine. This machine multiplies the user’s given force to a great extent and helps the user to move or lift heavy weights.  

  • Screw

Screws are a kind of equipment used for holding different items. We use it as a fastener or a motion modifier. Besides, they also work to make the lifting job more accessible as the force travels a long distance. The work becomes easier if the screws have more threads. To get a screw, you can wrap an inclined plane around a pole. 


Should I paint axe heads?

It is not a popular idea to paint the chopping part of the axe head because the paint of the axe head’s end may cause the axe to slip when you try to hit anything. 

What type of machine is the axe head? 

An axe head is a fantastic example of a simple machine. This kind of wedge is an object containing a double inclined plane that reduces the load a wood chopper takes. 

Does an axe act as a lever?

An axe splits the wood into separate parts by putting pressure on the axe blade. An axe handle can work like a lever, letting the user increase the force at the axe’s cutting edge. 

What are the different parts of an axe head?

An axe head comprises many different parts which contain different purposes. The parts of an axe head are the cheek, lug, eye, butt, hip, heel, and edge. All have significant uses for cutting or chopping wood.

How are axe heads attached?

You can use different approaches to attach the axe head. Among a couple of ways, the most common approach is using a wooden wedge to secure the axe heads to the handle with a slotted end that is shaped and appropriately fitted to the axe’s eyes. 


Simple machines like an axe are easy to handle and must-have tools to ease the work. A simple machine’s function and features help you do a heavy job with comparatively less effort. This content might have fulfilled all your requirements on what kind of simple machine is an axe head. The plain and simple answer is an axe head is a wedge.

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