What Size Screws For Wood Fence: Suggested Size Explained

The fence is a known thing for everyone. It is an important part of every house or landowner. Thus it is a common project for woodworkers. To make a fence a woodworker must know how to make it, which tools they need, its material, fastener, products, and many more. In other words, what size screws for wood fences are accurate?

The screw is the main fastener of the fence. Thus we have to choose screws very carefully. From woodworkers to normal people, everyone should know how to choose screws for fences. It is important to the screw size, types, capability, and many more.

What is Wood Fence?

A wood fence means a barrier between two land or property or areas which are made from wood. Fences can be made from any material like wire, plastic, PVC, and many more. But wood is the most common and famous choice for all. People make fences to identify a separate space for them. 

A fence can be done with any wood. But the popular wood is pine and cedar. Redwood is also great for fences. There are many types and designs available for this. There are three most famous types of France such as foil, epee, and saber. People use simple vinyl privacy fences for privacy.

What Size Screws For Wood Fence?

If you are making a fence then you have to choose the best types and sizes of screws. The main thing is, that any type of fastener such as nails or screws can be fit in this project. But screws would be best to survive in an outdoor environment and under heavy pressure.

 The screw must be any polymer-coated exterior screw or stainless steel screw or corrosion-resistant screw.  

The screw must be long enough to cover the board area. The required screw size is 1-1/2-inches and 2-inches long. Try to choose a long and thick screw. To attach an individual pocket, 1-1/4 in. 1-¾ in screw would be suitable. 

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How to Choose the Perfect Screw for Wood Fence?

To choose a screw for the fence, we need to keep in mind many things. Fences stay and build outside. So we must choose a screw which is good for outside weather. Thus, the screw should be chosen according to its size, weight, and load. Also, we have to keep in mind screw types. 

Check if the Wood is Suitable for Screws

There are lots of types of wood available for furniture. But fences need special types of wood. The fence stays outside. So the wood must be chosen for outside weather. But as we know, wood is a sensitive thing. Every wood can survive in outside weather and wet areas. Pine and cedar or redwood are suitable woods for fences.  

Choose a Fastener That Is Suitable For The Wood

There are lots of types of fasteners available in the market. Such as screws, nails, and dowels. Screws are the most suitable fastener for fences. As fences stay outside, the fastener should be able to survive outside. Dowels can be rotten outside and nails can’t bear the weight. So screws are the best option for fences.

Always Decide The Screw Size Beforehand

The screw size is an important matter for making furniture. The screw size depends on the furniture, its heaviness, and its size. A fence needs a suitable size of screw. The long screws are required for making fences. Thus it is important to decide the size of the screw for the fence to prevent any future mistakes. 

How To Choose Perfect Screw Material for Fence?

As we know, fences need special types of screws. A fence can be made of wood or wire or PVC. There are also some varieties of wood available for the fence. Every wood needs specific types of screws. We must choose screws according to the type of wood. 

For Cedar Wood Fence

Cedar is a coniferous wood. Cedar is one kind of softwood. Cedar wood fence is a known and famous fence for woodworkers. Stainless steel screw is the best option for a cedar fence. Also, it has the ability to stay in harsh outdoor areas. Stainless steel has a rust-resistant formula, which will protect wood and fastener from rust. 

For Treated Wood Fence

Treated wood refers to the wood that is properly treated with preservative chemicals and other important adhesives. Expats suggest using polymer-coated screws for treated wood fences. Polymer-coated screws refer to those screws which are plated with zinc or galvanized that have the corrosion-resistant ability. The corrosion-resistant ability makes the polymer-coated screw more suitable for treated wood fences. 

For Untreated Wood Fence

Untreated wood refers to woods that are free from any chemicals, paint, glue, and other adhesives. Untreated wood is also suitable for fences. But it needs special or galvanized screws. Because galvanized screws are designed with a preference for protective zinc. The coating gives the ability to protect from damage to the screw. That is why galvanized screws are best for untreated wood fences. 

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Nail vs Screw: Which One to Choose?

There are many types of fasteners available in the market. Such as screws, nails, dowels, and many other things. They both have different types of feathers. But screws and nails always come in comparison. Both are different so both are good at different projects. 

Nails are often famous for their affordability and installment facilities. Nails are very easy to use. It costs less than others and doesn’t need any special installation process. But it is made for simple indoor projects. So it will not last long in the fence. On the other hand, screws are a bit expensive. Thus, it also costs more to install. But it will last longer. So screws are the best option to choose for the fence. 

Upsides and Downsides of Using Screws in Fence

As we know screws are the best fastener for fences. It is great to use but it has many disadvantages also. Screws have sharp threads which increase the ability to hold weight. Also screwing the threads helps to stay in place for a long time. Thus, screws are powerful to bear high weight. 

On the other hand, screws lead to headaches also. The screw can be removed for any situation like removing, renewing, and so on. The sharp thread needs time to remove. Also removing screws can damage the wood. Thus, it is also more expensive than other fasteners. 


What Effects Must A Screw Resist On A Fence?

A screw must be suitable for an outdoor environment to stay in the fence. The screw-in fence has to survive in harsh weather and humidity. Thus it also must face the sunshine, storms, wind, mildew, and related things. 

What are the Other Screws I can use for Wood fences?

As we know, there are lots of types of screws available in the market for fences. One of these is a zinc coating process screw. The zinc coating gives the screw the ability to resist rust and damage. It also has a weather and humidity-resistant formula that makes it suitable to become fence screws. 

How many screws should I use on the Fence?

There is not any specific number to tell how many screws should be used on the fence. The number of screws depends on the fence’s height, weight, and size. Thus the screw’s ability will also change the screw number. 

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In the following in-depth guide, we presented you with info on screw sizes for wood fences and related things. This article was dedicated to exploring what size screws are for wood fences. We will encourage you to learn more about what the fence is, its definition, types, and materials in order to achieve success.

Always choose the correct size of screw to attach fence parts. Don’t hesitate to explore other ways to choose the correct perfect screw. Even though screws have both upsides and downsides, going for screws is the best way. You get a proper grip and it stays in place for longer.

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