What To Use Instead Of A Hot Glue Gun: 5 Amazing Alternatives 

You are here to get ideas about what to use instead of a hot glue gun. Hot glue is a fantastic tool to bond things together and make a long-lasting bond or repair. However, you might not like a hot glue gun as the best option to glue something. 

Suppose you are working on projects that involve papers, fabrics, wood, or mounting. Do you think a hot glue gun will be the best option for these projects? No. In the given situations, you need to use better working adhesives. 

Why Shouldn’t You Use A Hot Glue Gun Always? 

Due to its utility of hot melting adhesive, a hot glue gun is an essential and familiar tool worldwide. A hot glue gun is used for many projects, but it still has so many strong adhesive alternatives. Nowadays, several options are available for crafting enthusiasts who prefer other adhesives over glue guns. 

Many of us are unaware that using a hot glue gun can be risky for paperwork or some other small projects. A hot glue gun can burn or make the paper soggy a bit. Indeed, you don’t want your items to be disfigured. So, it is better to know what to bond, what materials you have to glue, select the appropriate glue type, and get the job done. 

Besides, many of you also ask whether hot glue decomposes or not. Hot glue can make a rapid and complicated situation and decompose within only two to three weeks. Decomposing is a drawback of using hot glue. You can get better and stronger adhesives than hot glue that can help you heal and complete your projects.

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What Are The Best Alternatives To A Hot Glue Gun?

Spray Adhesive

You can spray the spray adhesives on your projects as droplets. This is an excellent alternative to a hot glue gun or tape. Different types of spray adhesives available on the market have different levels of strength. Some can give a permanent bond; some are good for semi-permanent or temporary bonds. People use spray adhesives for different forms of art projects and crafts like scrapbooking, model constructions, and foil crafts. Hard liquid material like hot glue melt is not always the best pick. 

Spray adhesive comes in a very different orientation and is undoubtedly a unique type of glue. You will get sufficient flexibility while using this glue. Spray adhesives are very popular due to their handiness and adhesive nature. It is also helpful to use for fount photographs and picture displays. 

Liquid Glue

Liquid glue works similarly to hot glue because its texture is the same. You can use it easily at room temperature, which is an extra benefit of using liquid glue. Liquid glue works from the moment when the water that the glue contains has evaporated from the liquid. After the water’s evaporation, the glue gets hard and makes a strong bond. This is to inform you that liquid is preferably applicable for small objects that have to stick together, like small wood pieces for paper cards or jointing beads and pearls on paper. 

The jewelry crafters use liquid glue for many purposes. You must be very careful of the air bubbles while using liquid glue. Check whether the air bubbles are still there in the glue. If they are present, it means the water has not entirely evaporated. Thus, you will not get a strong bond as expected. Pop the air bubbles before gluing the items together. 

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Fabric Glue 

Fabric glue is a very effective alternative to hot glue. The artisans use fabric glue while making some crafts involving delicate items. They use this glue in all kinds of fabrics or pieces of jewelry. Things that are vulnerable or sensitive require fabric glue that can keep them protected. This glue is a robust and durable solution that can easily fuse two or more items with extended flexibility. Fabric glue is also known as the fusible web. This glue fuses two items using a layer of adhesion. It comes in different textures like adhesive sheets or glue tape and gives permanent solutions for your projects. 

Plastic Glue 

A hot glue gun is a good working tool for fixing plastic materials. However, in some circumstances, you might not have a glue gun in your hand. In that case, plastic glue can be an excellent alternative for you. This is a more elastic composition that is very comfortable to use. You will get great pleasure with this glue on plastics. Many different forms of plastic are available such as PVC, PETE, HDPE, etc. All plastic glues are designed so that you can quickly fix any plastic materials with them. So, choosing plastic glue for fixing plastics can be a good option instead of a hot glue gun. 

Double-Sided Tape

You can count on double-sided tape as an excellent alternative to hot glue when it is about paper projects, crafting projects, or any small projects. Remember, double-sided tape is valid only for paper or card works. Apart from paper crafting jobs, it is not a strong enough adhesive to give a long-lasting and permanent bond. Using a hot glue gun for paperwork is not a good idea because it will make your items soggy and floppy. The paper will seem disfigured due to overheating. Double-sided tape will also make your papers or cards flat. So, it is an acceptable alternative to hot glue for scrapbooking or poster work.

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Can you use hot glue without a gun?

When you have a hot glue stick but not a gun, you can quickly melt the glue sticks using the stove, microwave, or a lighter. It is possible to melt glue sticks with any heat source. You should use this process also when your glue gun is lost or broken. 

What temperature is needed to meet a hot glue stick?

Hot melt glues in high-temperature guns usually melt at 195 degrees Celsius, and low-temperature guns usually melt at 130 degrees Celsius. Both types of glue guns have almost fixed melting temperatures. You have to be careful while using the hot glue gun for a project.

Are all types of glue guns applicable to any project? 

No. The glue guns are of two types; high-temperature and low-temperature. Both the glue guns are applicable to use for specific purposes. You must know the type of glue to melt it according to the methods designed for that particular glue. 

Which one is stronger super glue or hot glue? 

Both are convenient and easy to use. However, super glue is stronger and more appropriate to apply for lots of projects. Super glue is used widely worldwide, whereas hot glue has fewer uses than super glue. 

What glue sticks should I choose for my project?

Well, you must first know what you will bond with and what type of material it is. Choose the most appropriate one according to your activities with help from online videos or websites. You can also talk to experts to get the necessary suggestions regarding the matter.

Final Verdicts

There are lots of alternatives to a hot glue gun available, and you have the opportunity to choose the right one among them for your projects. Hopefully, the ideas shared in this article help you know what to use instead of a hot glue gun. 

Besides, exploring this content may have shown you the difference between a hot glue gun and others. Explore more ideas on this topic that will guide you to pick the more preferable and helpful alternative for your project. 

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