Why Does My Circular Saw Keep Stopping: 9 Major Reasons

A Circular saw is a very common and effective tool for woodworking. Woodworkers use this versatile type of tool, but there are some reasons responsible for making the circular saw stop working. Like all other tools, circular saws also show technical issues. So let’s figure out why my circular saw keeps stopping and explore the best solutions for those problems. 

What are the Problems You may Find while Dealing with Circular Saws?

No tools work continuously without showing some technical problems. Likewise, a circular saw may also be challenging to work with when the blade of this tool starts and stops on its own for unknown reasons. Many reasons are responsible for this occurrence. Keep reading this article to determine the significant reasons behind this occurrence. 

9 Reasons Why Does My Circular Saw Keep Stopping 

The Dead Battery

You might face a problem with your circular saw when the battery dies. Many people may worry that a dead saw battery can’t be turned on or function again like before. Unfortunately, their concept is partially correct. The saw will likely not work again but you can also work with your circular saw for a more extended period if there is some charge left in the battery. The battery will again turn off and work again for a moment and again turn off, and these happenings continue. 

Incorrect Blade for the Work

Another area where your circular saw may stop is using the right blade for a particular job. For example, if you use a wood blade to cut a piece of metal, it won’t workout. Similarly, a blade suitable for softwood might not fit well with hardwood. 

A High-voltage Issue 

The circular saw’s motor might be the reason to cause the tool stopped working. The circular saw’s brass and motor arbor must be checked well. A high motor voltage may damage the saw and lead to motor issues very harshly. If you want to save the power code’s insulation, ensure the voltage is okay. 

Power Cord and Wire Issues

When you face a corded saw problem, you will notice the issue is on the power cord with its wires and cables. The power cord has some small wires covered by an outer shell. The problem occurs when the shell of the cables gets down after a certain period. As a result, the wires and the interior receive potential damage. In addition, the cable may crash under heavy-duty objects, resulting in the fraying or snapping of the wires entirely. 

A Warped Blade

A pervasive issue here you could find is using a warped or damaged blade. Using a damaged blade is a major cause of making your circular saw keep stopping. Besides, working with a damaged or cracked blade is unsafe. The teeth of the damaged blade may get stuck in the workpiece and cause the saw to stop working. In addition, the warped blade might get pinched in your wood project. 

An Unsupported Workpiece 

Your circular saw might stop in the middle of its work due to an unstopped workpiece. This is a very common reason for stopping the circular saw. The workpiece will start to sag down ultimately. As a result, the saw blade will need to take the load of heavy weight and pressure. The blade will be pinched, and the workpiece will be sagged down. The blade will work slowly, which will create extreme heat and friction. This is how you may risk the burning of the wood

Inadequate Depth of the Blade

When the depth of the blade is not enough for the workpiece you need to cut, the circular saw will stop in the middle of the use. The blade must protrude far enough out of the circular saw. Otherwise, you will be unable to cut your workpiece.  

A Loose Arbor

When the arbor gets loose or damaged for a reason, this may cause the circular saw to keep stopping. Therefore, it must be tightened up well. 

An Unsharpened Blade

When you use an unsharpened blade for cutting a workpiece, it may cause overheating. It is a significant reason for a circular saw to keep stopping. The overheating will trigger the thermal switch. So, you should only continuously use a circular saw for a longer time, allowing it to rest for a while.

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The Best Solutions 

Recharging the Battery of the Circular Saw 

You should recharge the battery when it is almost dead. However, if you see the battery cannot hold charges well, you may consider your battery to be completely dead or damaged. In that case, you have to replace the battery in no time. The better option is to store two batteries so you can use and replace them once the previous one malfunctions. 

Replacing the Power Cable 

Make sure everything is correctly connected. Replace the power cable and repair the broken power cord as early as possible. I would appreciate some ideas about the electrical system and wiring issues. However, if you don’t know about replacing a power cable, get help from a professional and save yourself from frying. 

Setting the Blade to Go Deep of the Workpiece 

You must set your circular saw blade with proper depth so that the blade can cut through the workpiece well. 

Replacing a Damaged Blade

Working with a damaged blade is never safe for users. It also causes the circular saw to keep stopping. So, you must remove the damaged blade in no time, no matter what. Then, replace the damaged one with a new blade. Inserting a right blade into a circular saw is crucial to prevent the tool from stopping. 

Supporting the Workpiece 

It is imperative to ensure that the workpiece is correctly supported at the endpoints. A heavier, longer half-cut board is good as it doesn’t get sagged down and pinch the blade. 

Sharpening Blades 

Many of you don’t know that overheating is a significant reason circular saws stop functioning. So, you must use sharp blades to cut more accurately.


What are the issues of the power cord defect of a circular saw? 

You must check the power cord well when a circular saw is corded. Many small wires in the outer shell of the power cord tend to wear down after a certain period and damage the wires. As a result, the entire wire system will be damaged with time. 

What are the concerns before replacing the power cable of the circular saw? 

You should replace the power cord when the saw occasionally turns off and on. Scrutinize the total unit before replacing the power cable and ensure everything is correctly connected. If you need help replacing the power cable, call a professional. 

How important is it to use the right size and type of blade for your project? 

Your circular saw may keep stopping while cutting a project when you use the wrong type of blade on it. A blade that is suitable for softwood will not suit a hardwood project. So, you must replace the improper blade with the correct one. 

In Conclusion

From this article, you have understood why my circular saw keeps stopping. Many other reasons cause the circular saw to malfunction, but we have covered the most common issues. However, every issue has some solutions, and it is possible to use your common sense at the right time to mitigate the problems as much as possible. After figuring out why your circular saw stops in the middle of the use, try out the solutions explained in this article and eliminate the problems.

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