Why Is Festool So Expensive: Know the 10 Major Reasons

We all know that the better the quality of a product is, the more expensive it is. When some products are incomparable and superior to other brands in terms of quality, versatility, warranty, service, etc, they will cost significantly high. Festool is a seemingly exorbitant-priced power tool, but why is Festool so expensive, and is it worth the expense? This article is going to give a proper explanation of the primary reasons behind its high cost. 

Is Festool Worth the Price?

Though many people step back from buying Festool for its overt expensiveness, you can’t deny its worth. There is no doubt that Festool is indeed worth the price. However, if you are new in the woodworking or construction business where you don’t need to cut heavier objects, buying a high-end power tool like a Festool will not be worth your budget. So, you should first figure out why you will spend money on something and whether your project needs an expensive and high-end power tool. Once you figure out the purpose of your project, Festool will serve you way better than any other power-tool brand. Festool is expensive for convincing reasons.

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About Festool Company 

Festool is one of the most famous and trusted brands of tools, especially among woodworkers. It is a German company that manufactures different heavy-working power tools. The journey of this company was started as Fezes and Stoll in 1925 when the owners were Albert Fezer and Gottlieb Stoll. The great thing about this company is it is still holding the same quality and honor as its previous position. 

A significant achievement of this company includes its contribution to other sectors besides woodworking. In 2000, the power tool sector of this company got separated, and then, it started its new journey as Festool, Festo, in short. USA, Germany, UK, Netherlands, and some other countries are involved with the production of this company. Hopefully, this company’s hype and dignity will remain the same in the next few decades as they highly prioritize producing high-quality products. 

Customers like to purchase their manufactured products again and again once they start using them. The products’ quality satisfies the company’s customers greatly, and the demand has never gone down. Though the products are expensive, some people always position quality over price. Therefore, they are quick to compromise budget over high-quality tools. 

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Top-selling Tools from Festool Brand 

  • Festool CT 15 HEPA Dust Extractor
  • Festool 576028 Multi-Mode Sander RO 150 FEQ-Plus Sys 3
  • Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF 500 Q Set
  • Festool TID-18 New Cordless Impact Driver 
  • Festool 491594 Quick Clamp For MFT and Guide Rail System 
  • Festool FS-1400/2 55″ Guide Rail
  • Festool 576070 Random Orbital Sander ETS 125 REQ-Plus

The company has launched numerous products for customers, but the above products are essential. All of them cost significantly higher than other typical brands, but they have earned a bucket full of customer satisfaction for a century. The drills and saws they produce perform better than any other tools. 

10 Reasons Why Festool is So Expensive 

It is a common question you may hear that the specialty of Festool is that their products are so expensive. Many people complain that they can’t afford Festool for its high cost, but we can’t deny that we have to spend more money on high-quality products. This section of this article will explain why it is so expensive. 

High Quality 

Festool is a high-quality kind that is harder than anything you can anticipate. Ensuring quality products is a great strength of a company, and Festool is running its business with the dignity of manufacturing quality products. Festool always uses premium-quality raw materials, making it a popular choice for professional and personal usage. The quality of these materials is so good that the manufacturing cost increases. The workers of this company never look back and try to give their best to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Many companies started their business with the highest possible dignity, but their products’ costs suddenly dropped. It happened due to reducing the production costs to keep more profit from their products. So, the decreased quality leads to the downfall of a company and the loss of trust of the customers. Fortunately, Festool maintains its best strategy. Honesty, transparency, and product quality are their beneficial strategic business policies. They work hard to hold their customers rather than losing their trust. You will get pure performance from them, with no gimmicks, frills, etc.

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Several Functions

You will not consider Festool an over-expensive tool if you know the functions it offers well. Festool has more options than other popular power tool brands that are relatively cheap compared to Festools. Contractors and finish carpenters love to use this tool for better accuracy and effectiveness.  

Use of Different Tools to Finish a Single Project 

Many of the Festool products are interchangeable. They can work nicely together. So, if you invest in them, you will not need to spend on purchasing additional tools. Since the Festool products give a fantastic opportunity to interchange, the price should be higher than others. 

Customer Service 

You will be amazed to research the fanbase of Festool. It has a significant number of customers. Who will if they can’t hold their customers in the best way? Festool helps customers in every possible way in every situation. Customers have many queries regarding the products. This company nicely deals with those queries and always pays attention to the customer’s demand. Workers of this company are very active in maintaining a forum. You can check out the reviews about this company. People share varied experiences and thoughts about the products and workers of this company. 

Overall Performance 

The overall performance of the Festool products is so good that you will need clarification about choosing one. Other branded tools also waste tremendous energy, like Festool, but all can’t hold onto the quality. Other companies’ performance could never be better than Festool’s. 

Origin in Germany 

Germany is a very economically developed country. The country produces world-class products. Festool is a German product for which you must invest in its healthy economy and high-quality production. Spending money on Festool items will always satisfy you because the product’s lifespan will endure longer than you ever expect from a brand. If you understand the product’s strong endurance should cost more, you will never hesitate to pay even more. 

Expert Workers

The Festool company has all the skilled workers with decades of experience with the tools and their working ability. They work hard to bring innovation to their collection. The Festool power tool company employs around 2700 people throughout approximately 68 countries. The workers get their deserving payment for their workforce labor efforts. Employing skilled workers is a significant reason why this brand is so expensive. The company has an extra cost to bear to pay the experienced workers that are incorporated into their products’ pricing. 

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Popularity for a Century  

According to the podcast series, Festool is tagged as a brand of the century. The high prestige made this brand a trusted one for a century. The company is spreading into other industries nowadays. It sells more than 1,000 products, including different accessories for the automotive industry, hand tools for woodworking projects, and power tools.

High Demand

This article has said several times that the Festool brand is trusted for producing high-quality power tools. The tools they manufacture can handle the most challenging duties of a business. So, the demand for this brand has remained the same since 1925. The increased demand for Festool indicates that its products still have the best quality. The popularity is still incredibly growing among DIYers. The tools of this company are used for many personal and professional purposes. The high demand for this company’s unparalleled tools results in increased costs. 

Innovative and Better-Designed 

Festool has many distinctive features, but SawStop AIM technology is unique among them. This feature helps the product detect when the tool’s blade comes in contact with your skin and immediately stops working. The functions and features all along have made this brand a versatile and straightforward one. Due to its innovative features, it is more expensive than other typical manufacturers. However, if you are concerned about safety while using a tool, Festool is worth it. 

You have ideas about why Festool is an expensive brand, whereas the other companies offer cheaper products. The brand always tries to manufacture the best-quality products for which it achieves immense customer trust and satisfaction. People who always choose to buy quality items, thinking less about the price, will always understand the value of Festool and the reasons for its being so expensive. 

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Is Festool worth the hype?  

If anyone thinks Festool is overrated and not worth the hype, he is absolutely wrong. Working with Festool is less stressful than with any other famous power tool brand. Once you get used to working with this tool, you can leave using it. 

What is the warranty of Festool?

You will get three years of warranty on a Festool after buying it. This duration is enough to achieve the complete worth of this tool. The company you purchased it from will provide complete repairs without charging an additional penny. 

Why should I buy Festool products?

Festool products assure accuracy, high quality, and versatility. If you buy one of this brand’s tools, you will have a unique and precise cutting solution for your projects. The motor life expectancy of Festool is unparalleled, as you can expect the tools to use for 15-20 years. 

Concluding Thoughts

You may still be wondering why is Festool so expensive. However, this will no longer be your confusion once you know the potential this tool carries. The backup of this tool is undoubtedly one of a kind when it comes to versatility and quality. The warranty of this tool is three years, and this timespan is enough to attain the total worth of this tool. After buying one for your heavy projects, you will be set for many more years.

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